Monthly Bills


Your accommodation will also require electricity, gas and water. Often utilities are included in the price of the rent, with landlords being responsible for the provision of basic services. For those paying an exclusive rental price, it is common for gas, water and electricity to already be connected, simply requiring the new tenant to contact the supplier and transfer their details. The most important thing is to check which utilities are included in the price and which utilities you will have to pay for yourself before you begin to rent your first room.


WML (Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg) is the water provider of Maastricht. Most households choose to pay a fixed amount every three months based on how many people live in the house and their expected water usage. At the end of the year WML will then send you a bill detailing your usage and the actual price of the water used and will then either reimburse you if you paid too much or ask you to pay the difference if you used more than your fixed quarter-yearly amount.

Electricity & gas

Although it is possible to buy these services separate from one another most providers in the Netherlands will offer discounts if you choose the same provider for both. The infrastructure provider for both electricity and gas is Enexis, but you are free to choose the actual supplier yourself. You can compare suppliers to find the one that most suits your needs.

Once you have found a supplier they will send you an estimate of the monthly costs based on the size of your household. At the end of the year you will be sent an invoice detailing your consumption. This bill is normally sent to the person who has been residing in the building in the house the longest, but should be divided between all residents. Depending on the bill, you will either have to pay the difference or the difference will be paid out to you if you used less than anticipated.

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