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Other than your rent and your utilities, there are some other expenses which will crop up from time to time. You should make sure that you budget for these, and in some cases you may have to speak to your flatmates if you want to divide the costs. Our page on finances has everything you need to get yourself financially organized in Maastricht.


Your room is not yours without the furniture to make it special. A lot of the student accommodation comes unfurnished, so you will be required to furnish it yourself. Often, you can pick up cheap second hand furniture through Maastricht based facebook pages such as Furniture for sale! Maastricht or Bikes and Furniture in Maastricht. Although this is usually the cheapest option, you may have to arrange delivery yourself (see section below). You can also take a look at, a website where people can sell old furniture and other items.

Another cheap option for students is to check out a second hand store (krinkloopwinkel). There are a number of Kringloopwinkels located in and around Maastricht. Kringloop Zuid is a very large of second hand store with a wide range of furniture and other household items on offer. You can also check out Vind-iets Kringloop and Twiede Hands Twiedekans. Usually these stores will also offer a delivery service for an extra fee. They will also collect your old furniture for free if it is of a good enough standard.

If you prefer new furniture rather than second hand, there is an Ikea located in Heerlen which is only a short train ride from Maastricht. Other commercial options within Maastricht include Jules & You, Kwantum and large department stores located on Maastricht’s main shopping street such as  Bijenkorf. Most of these stores will also offer a delivery service.


Most stores will also offer a furniture delivery service for an extra charge. Always double check with them before you pay. If you need to transport the furniture yourself, you have a number of options. Firstly, it is always worth posting on sharing is caring to see if anyone is free to help you move. You will often be surprised at the friendly and communal atmosphere that you can find in Maastricht. Gofurnit, Jules & You and chauffeurdidi are all examples of local companies which can help you with moving and delivering furniture. Another option is simply to rent a van for a day. Renting a van comes with specific laws and regulations. You should speak to individual car companies about their own policies. Check out our section to find car/van rental companies in Maastricht.

Insurance Other Expenses

Liability Insurance (WA-verzekering) may come in handy if you accidentally damage someone else’s property. Some landlords might even require you to take out liability insurance before even considering you a prospective tenant. You can get liability insurance through your Dutch bank or it can be bought at some department stores such as HEMA for a reasonably low fee. 

Another insurance you might want to consider taking out is contents insurance (Inboedelverzekering). Contents insurance pays for damage done to, or the loss of, your personal possessions while they are in your home. Generally it’ll cover things like theft, and water or fire damage. You should look into your bank or department stores such as HEMA if you’re interested in taking out contents insurance or use a comparison site like to compare the different options available.


In Maastricht you have to buy special trash bags for your household garbage. You can buy the red and white bin bags in most supermarkets; just ask at the cash desk or go to the tobacco desk by the shop’s entrance. In the centre of town bin bags are picked up weekly, while they are picked up every two weeks further out of town. The bags are picked up after 6A.M. and you are allowed to put the bags out after 7P.M. the night before. The municipality website tells you when the bags are picked up in your street.

Most households in Maastricht will also have a green organic waste bucket that is emptied regularly by the municipality. Click here to find out more about the organic waste bucket.

Waste Removal

Every house should have a waste pass (afvalpas). This pass allows you to make use of any of the 4 rubbish tips (milieuparken) around Maastricht, where you can dispose of things you no longer want. If your house does not have a waste pass, or it is lost or missing, you can apply for a new one.  First of all, find out which person in your house pays for the waste collection tax (afvalstoffenheffing). This is the person who should apply for the afvalpas. They can do this online by logging in using their DigiD and following the instructions. If you are unsure who pays for the waste collection tax in your house, you can find out by calling the BsGW in Roermond on 088 – 8420420. They will tell you who should apply for the afvalpas. If you change address, leave the afvalpas behind for the new residents to use. Your new address should have its own pass.

Costs of waste disposal vary depending on what it is and how much you are trying to get rid of. However, unless you are trying to get rid of large, bulky amounts of household waste you should not have to pay too much. For a full overview of the costs of disposal, download a waste-disposal calendar, which lists the prices of disposal at the bottom (only in Dutch).


As you have to pay for the red and white bin bags that are picked up by the municipality on a regular basis separating your waste is not only good for the environment but it also saves you money. Maastricht has loads of recycling stations spread out all over town. You can find them near many shops or sports facilities and they let you recycle paper/cardboard, clear and coloured glass, plastic packaging, and tins and drink cartons. Use our map to find out where the closest recycling station is near you.


When choosing an Internet provider the first choice you have to make is whether you want a regular cable connection or if you want a fiberglass connection. Fiberglass Internet is a lot faster, but costs more (>€50 per month) and isn’t available everywhere yet. Regular cable Internet is available almost everywhere and shouldn’t cost you more than €25 per month for a decent connection speed. Usually setting up your Internet connection will take about three weeks. Use this site to  find a comparison between the different Internet providers and packages (should you want to combine TV, phone and Internet).


If you are lucky then your residence will be equipped with a washing machine and drying facility, however it is very possible that you will need to organise these services yourself. You have three choices here, either: purchase a washing machine, rent one, or take your washing to the nearest laundrette (wasserette).

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