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Bavaria Night 2017

Are you ready for the biggest party in the South of the Netherlands? Then party one last time during Bavaria Night during INKOM 2017!

► Boris Smith
► Dubbel Fout
► Brooks
► Bassjackers

Mark your calendars for 25 August 2017. Doors open at 23h00 and we won’t stop the party till 5h00.

There is NO age restriction during MECC Parties, however you will be given an age bracelet (<18 = NO ALCOHOL). Our security will ask for your ID before granting entrance to the event, so make sure you have a valid ID with you.

MECC Parties consist of Legends of Tomorrow (MECC Tuesday) and Bavaria Night (MECC Friday). Tickets can be bought seperately or as a combi-package with a maximum of 5 tickets per person.

▲ MECC Tuesday: Legends of Tomorrow = €12
▲ Bavaria Night = €14.50
▲ Combi-package = €21


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