Two Years of Making Maastricht Yours!

Two Years of Making Maastricht Yours!

Two years into the project, the team looks back at what we have achieved and where the future of lies. In early 2014, representatives of the university and the municipality noticed a lack of information being provided to the huge international student population. In 2015, was born. There was one simple goal: To provide crucial information to help simplify everyday life in an unfamiliar environment. With this in mind, we strive to help students to get settled and explore Maastricht.

Over the past years, changes have taken place on the website. We have gone through challenges and successes; made mistakes and learned from them. Yet our passion and belief in the project remains, and we continue to be guided by our core values.

Looking back, we can see that new content has been added, new collaborations have been initiated and we are engaging a larger student audience. We are very grateful to be part of such an incredible and diverse student community in the heart of Europe.  Over the next years we hope that we can continue to provide you all with the most essential, up-to-date and easy-to-understand information. Most of all, we hope that Maastricht becomes even more than just the place where you study: we hope that it becomes your home.

Make Maastricht yours!

Love from the Team

Happy second birthday! I want to thank my team Dennis, Elena, Timo, Kees and Thomas. Without you guys we wouldn’t be where we are today. Over the last two years we were able to create great ties to other (student-) initiatives such as Breaking Maas, werkgroep INKOM, Maastricht Housing, The Housing Helpdesk, ISN and Sportraad MUSST. And I’d also like to use this opportunity to thank you for your contributions and collaborations.

Besides providing students with essential information I can see taking on an integral role in unifying Maastricht’s student organisations and combining efforts towards making Maastricht a student-friendly city. So far it has been a great journey and I am looking forward to many more happy years.

First off I’d like to thank the whole community for using our platform and my team for working on our platform over this last year. It has been an eventful year and I look forward to many more!

I learnt an awful lot taking care of the website’s implementation – and best of all the implementation of the website and experimenting with new functionalities and gimmicks was actually fun. I am very proud of our map function and of our feedback tool. I feel these are our website’s strongest selling points. The map function means you never get lost in Maastricht and the feedback function stands for the constant collaboration between our team and the student population.

I love this collaborative effort. Working together, giving feedback, generating ideas and growing into a big and closely entangled community is what this planet needs. Again, a big thanks to you all and happy birthday!

Congratulations mymaastricht on your second anniversary! Working with such an inspiring and motivated team in a project that truly inspire us has been our drive from day one. We aim to provide you with all the necessary information to make your life in Maastricht easier and thus contribute towards a higher student engagement within the Maastricht community.

To summarize the past few months in a short text would be impossible. I have personally learned so much from the enthusiastic mymaastricht team but also from all of our followers that support and inspire us everyday. Working as promotion coordinator has given me the opportunity to be in touch with our audience and learn about amazing projects that take place within the Maastricht community. You all have genuinely impressed me with your expertise and positive contribution. I truly believe this city’s best asset is the involvement and talent of its inhabitants and I am extremely happy to contribute to that by spreading the word about this wonderful project.

Promoting hardly feels like a job, I had some much fun this past year learning and receiving input from all of you, hopefully making your lives easier and helping you find your own space within this international community. Becoming part of the loving mymaastricht family has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am looking forward to face together all the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Happy Birthday MYMAASTRICHT.NL!! It’s only been two short years, but you already have grown to be the most important info portal in town. Oh, how great it had been, if you would turn 5! If you had been around when I started my study… let me tell ya’, little website, you sure make things go easy and smooth! I could’ve used that 4 years ago! Now you turn 2, and I’m part of your life since about one year. I might have taught you a few things to recite for others, I might have taught you a few new facts; heck, I even have corrected and fixed you here and there. But believe me when I tell ya’, little domain, these things are not much compared to what I have learned from you so far! You taught me a load of things, like how much fun working can be when the project is something I’m convinced of, or how important the team spirit and communications are for nice results and progress. Yes, you have even managed to teach me something with which the mighty Uni failed horribly: To respect and face my tasks and responsibilities and that conviction of skills and aims results in fun and quality!

What I mean to say, little fella, is that I’m super happy to be part of you; not only because I can shape you to help your visitors, but also because you have taught me many things. Rock on, stay fly, and help them make Maastricht theirs!

Two year have flown by at Just as in our debut year, the past 365 days have been filled with highlights—and learning experiences. What I’m most proud of are the hundreds of Welcome Packages we were able to provide to new generations of students. It’s a fine example of cooperation between the municipality, university and other parties that really wanted to make sure new university students feel welcome. I would especially like to extend my compliments to Thomas, who spared no effort to get everything in order organisationally.

I’m also delighted to have personally been in touch with our visitors, which we will continue to encourage, for example with “Feedback of the Month”. It’s been a fantastic experience to be able to step out of my own environment and into that of our audience, and the stories I’ve heard are nothing short of valuable.

Of course, there have also been many learning experiences. For example, it has occasionally proven difficult to find the necessary time. This does not get in the way of our motivation, however, and we can’t help but feel excited for what the future has in store for us.

Finally, I would like to thank you—our visitors—especially for all the wonderful feedback we’ve received the past year. Without you there would be no

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