Course: Squash advanced

Membership: Sports / All-in-one Course description: Squash is an explosive and intense indoor racket sport. Technique and tactics are very important in the squash game. The course is open for all levels (apart from the intermediate course), with the focus on the basis. The goal is to let you explore the fun of the game so you can go play it your self. During the course, you will learn and improve the basic strokes, basic techniques and tactics, also attention is paid on the rules and safe play. We offer 3 courses: Beginners course For absolute beginners. Intermediate course The course focuses on improving and expanding the basic strokes and the deepening of the techniques and tactics. Combinations of strokes are practiced by simulating game situations. You can join the intermediate course when you have completed the beginners course, can hit the basic strokes and regularly play a squash game. Advanced course The course is a follow up on the intermediate course and focuses on more advanced players whom are able to hit the basic strokes and regularly plays a squash game. The teacher can change participants to a more suitable course level. Course dates (Tuesday 20.00 - 20.45) 14-02 28-02 07-03 14-03 21-03 28-03 04-04 Costs - Cat. 1 (UM students): €21,- - Cat. 2 (UM employees ): €28,- - Cat. 3 (UM relations): €42,- - Cat. 4 (External members): €56,-
Course: Squash advanced
Tuesday 14 February 2023 at 19:00
Maastricht, Netherlands
Hosted by:UM SPORTS

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