🇺🇦Support Ukraine With 1 Click

Do you want to support Ukraine, but don’t have deep pockets to contribute financially? Visit mydonatelink.com and install the free Chrome Extension. Once installed, it will automatically donate between 3-50% of your online shopping transactions. It works for big online stores like Amazon, Picnic, and 100+ other eCommerce stores. The amount you pay won’t change, you’ll pay the same as you would without this tool. My Donate Link is a Google Chrome extension, developed by alumni of the Rotterdam School of Management. How to get started? 1. Go to mydonatelink.com on your computer and install the Chrome Extension 2. Shop at one of the 100+ partner websites. Once you purchase something, My Donate Link will receive a referral commission for ‘referring’ you to their store. This referral commission is different for each store and product but is between 3-50%. 3. 100% of all the revenue will be donated to Giro555 for Ukraine. PS: The website is in Dutch, but simply clicking the green button will activate all.
🇺🇦Support Ukraine With 1 Click
Sunday 20 November 2022 at 23:00
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