Bank Account

First off we suggest you open a bank account here in the Netherlands. The Dutch government, local municipalities and most employers alike prefer you to have a Dutch bank account in order to facilitate financial transfers. Furthermore, opening a bank account in the Netherlands allows you to make use of practicalities such as iDEAL and AcceptEmail. Our map will show you where the banks are located in Maastricht.

To open a bank account in the Netherlands you will have to take the following documents with you when you visit their office:

  • Valid ID
  • BSN or burgerservicenummer
  • Proof of address (your rental contract or a recent utility bill should do just fine!)

The UM and the ING Bank have an agreement that you can open a bank account with them even if you are not in possession of a BSN number. This option is especially helpful for non-EU students. Maastricht University provides more information on their website.

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