Supermarkets and other shops

The University recommendation is to budget around €181 per month for groceries, but this of course varies from individual to individual. We’ve compiled a little overview of what shops sell what, as that may be quite confusing to some when first moving to Maastricht.


Maastricht offers a variety of different supermarkets. The biggest Dutch chains are Albert Heijn (AH) and Jumbo, which have the largest selection of goods and are to be found at multiple locations in Maastricht. Alternatively, there are also Aldi, Lidl, Jan Linders, Spar, Plus and Coop. You can find the exact locations and opening hours here

A word of warning: some supermarkets (notoriously AH) do not take Visa or Mastercard, but only accept cash or Maestro cards. Thus, many international students will relate to the feeling of arriving in Maastricht, scanning a whole week’s worth of groceries at the cashier, and then being unable to pay. A good alternative here is Jumbo, which is as big, popular and ubiquitous as AH, and will not discriminate based on credit card network!

There are also speciality stores in the city, like the Turkish supermarket Yildiz Plaza, and the Asian supermarket Amazing Oriental. 

You can buy fresh fruit, vegetable, meat and fish at the market which is held every Wednesday and Friday in the Markt between 8:00 and 14:00. Lastly, there is the (very cool!) Bananenboxer market, which can be found inside a beautiful church – the Augustijnenkerk. They offer a wide variety of products, including fruits and vegetables, chocolate, tea, honey, and more.


For any hygiene products and /or cleaning products, you will be looking for a drugstore. The major drugstores in Maastricht are Kruidvat, Etos, Trekpleister & DA. You can find the exact locations and opening hours here.

Hardware stores

If you are looking for building supplies or other items for DIY-projects you might be in need of a hardware store. In Maastricht you can find different hardware stores, such as Praxis, Formido, Gamma, or Karwei. You can find the exact locations and opening hours here.

Department stores

If you are need anything from study supplies to household articles then you can go to a department store.  There are lots of options in Maastricht, like Hema and Bijenkorf. Hema is a lot cheaper, with generic houseware that is usually unbranded. Bijenkorf offers well-known brands and is more expensive. You can find the exact locations and opening hours here.

Study supplies & books

If you need some basic study/office supplies, you can always check out the small supply shop in the inner-city library. You’ll find the shop next to the lunch area next to the main entrance. If you are looking for a place to purchase books for your study, you should go to the UM Studystore at Tongersestraat 12 A. They are able to provide you with all necessary books for your curriculum and normally have the literature of the current periods in stock. Alternatively the Dominicanen Boekhandel also sells and orders University-related books.

Besides these two shops you can check this Facebook group or the second hand book store Books 4 Life.

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