Further information sources

Still struggling to find a job? Here are some further information sources to get you started. Have you read through all of our other pages in this section first? Then we are sure that you will be well on your way to finding the perfect student job in Maastricht.

The Online Career Library – an essential tool to help with jobs. Provided by the university, it gives you hundreds of resources to get you started, such as vacancies, video interviews with experienced professionals, tips for writing a CV, guides for working in particular countries and much more. You have to login using your student ID and password to gain access.

UM Career Services – supports students in preparing for their future careers by bringing students into contact with the labour market and providing training, information, workshops and more. Through them, you can also book career guidance to help give you direction.

The Maastricht University vacancy database – lists student jobs, graduate jobs, volunteering, internships and more.

The university page on working during studying – gives a broad overview of rules/regulations and jobs options for students.

Student Jobs Maastricht and Jobs for students in Maastricht are two Facebook groups you can look at to help find a vacancy.

UCM internship opportunities – advertises internships and jobs related to the University College Maastricht field of study.




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