Get settled

Here you can find all the important things you need to know to get settled in Maastricht. This section aims at providing all necessary information you might need to know in order to start your studies in the Netherlands. We want to help you get everything important settled as quickly as possible, so you can fully focus on you studies and your life here, without having to worry about certain things.

Therefore this part of provides you with the most essential information in following fields:

Finances: Surely you will want to know certain things about finances in advance. For example how to open a bank account, how high the living costs might be or if you are eligible for certain subsidies provided by the government. Look no further, everything is here!

Health: Nobody wants to be sick, nobody wants to worry about being sick. However, nobody is perfect and it might just happen that you need a doctor someday. Therefore this part of our website provides you with all essential information about the Dutch health care & insurance system, its doctors and the rules and procedures you will have to follow when making an appointment, as well as some general advice on well-being in Maastricht!

Housing: Many of the student studying in Maastricht are not from Maastricht itself, but from all over the world. Therefore most of us need to find some place to live during our studies. This section will provide you will all the information you will need when you go “house-hunting”. It includes info about where to search, how much to pay and many other important topics. It also gives you an overview over the rights you have as a tenant and how you need to behave to avoid trouble with your landlord, as well as an overview of Maastricht’s residents rights & obligations.

Transport: Maastricht is not the biggest of towns and almost everything is in walking or biking distance. If you have to go a bit further than the city center, you might want to look into other ways of transportation. Therefore this section provides you with info about the Maastricht public transport system, where and how to buy and repair bikes, where to park a car and much more. We also included information about the closest airports and how to get there.