Transferring money abroad

Transferring money from a bank account in one currency to a bank account in another currency can be quite expensive. Banks will usually charge 5% service fee and use their own conversion rate, which tends to be significantly lower than the exact rate of exchange derived from the stock-markets. Therefore, we highly recommend using one of the many alternative companies that provide you with global transfer services & currency exchange services.

There are many different providers for such services and they all have their pros and cons. You should make sure to choose a provider that suits your needs best. We recommend that you take a look at the following comparison websites for international money transfers. If you make use of the provided information on these websites, you should easily be able to find the company that best suits your individual needs!

The website provides you with a general overview of most services & offers loads of general information useful for making a decision, as well as reviews of the individual services.

The comparison websites & provide you with a comparison of services specifically applicable to your individual case.

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