Finances Basics

We are here to help you take control over your finances now so that you can save yourself from a great deal of stress in the future. Before you come to Maastricht it is very important to make sure that you fully understand the financial costs. Aside from your tuition fees, you also have to consider other costs such as housing, groceries, leisure and many more. There are hundreds of apps that can help you manage your finances. The Maastricht council has also developed a useful website called pas op je geld (look after your money) with the same aim. Taking control of your financial situation now is absolutely essential to leading an independent student life in the Netherlands.

This section takes you through the information you need in order to manage your money more effectively. The first step is to open a Dutch bank account. Second, you should be aware of your overall total expenses when moving to Maastricht.  Third you might want to check if you can apply for any financial support. Finally we explain how to go about getting a job in the Netherlands.

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