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We are here to help you take control over your finances now so that you can save yourself from a great deal of stress in the future. Before you come to Maastricht it is very important to make sure that you fully understand the financial costs. Aside from your tuition fees, you also have to consider other costs such as housing, groceries, leisure and many more. There are hundreds of apps that can help you manage your finances. The Maastricht council has also developed a useful website called pas op je geld (look after your money) with the same aim. Taking control of your financial situation now is absolutely essential to leading an independent student life in the Netherlands.

This section takes you through the information you need in order to manage your money more effectively. The first step is to open a Dutch bank account. Second, you should be aware of your overall total expenses when moving to Maastricht.  Third you might want to check if you can apply for any financial support. Finally we explain how to go about getting a job in the Netherlands.

Bank Account

First off we suggest you open a bank account here in the Netherlands. The Dutch government, local municipalities and most employers alike prefer you to have a Dutch bank account in order to facilitate financial transfers. Furthermore, opening a bank account in the Netherlands allows you to make use of practicalities such as iDEAL and AcceptEmail. Our map will show you where the banks are located in Maastricht.

To open a bank account in the Netherlands you will have to take the following documents with you when you visit their office:

  • Valid ID
  • BSN or burgerservicenummer
  • Proof of address (your rental contract or a recent utility bill should do just fine!)

The UM and the ING Bank have an agreement that you can open a bank account with them even if you are not in possession of a BSN number. This option is especially helpful for non-EU students. Maastricht University provides more information on their website.


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Your DigiD is your digital identification in the Netherlands. By linking your BSN number to a username and password you will be able to access most Dutch government websites. You can apply for a DigiD online and doing so will save you time and money in the long-run. Be sure to keep your username and password in a safe place for future uses!

Transferring money abroad

Transferring money from a bank account in one currency to a bank account in another currency can be quite expensive. Banks will usually charge 5% service fee and use their own conversion rate, which tends to be significantly lower than the exact rate of exchange derived from the stock-markets. Therefore, we highly recommend using one of the many alternative companies that provide you with global transfer services & currency exchange services.

There are many different providers for such services and they all have their pros and cons. You should make sure to choose a provider that suits your needs best. We recommend that you take a look at the following comparison websites for international money transfers. If you make use of the provided information on these websites, you should easily be able to find the company that best suits your individual needs!

The website provides you with a general overview of most services & offers loads of general information useful for making a decision, as well as reviews of the individual services.

The comparison websites & provide you with a comparison of services specifically applicable to your individual case.

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