Mobile phone

When getting a mobile phone in the Netherlands the first thing you have to decide on is whether you want to get a contract (abonnementen) or go for a prepaid (pay as you go) option.

When choosing your abonnement, you can either get a sim-only contract, or a contract with a mobile phone included. Sim-only contracts can be as cheap as around €3 a month. It’s up to you to decide between a proper contract or a simple prepaid sim.

If you want a new mobile phone, you can finance a phone through your phone contract and pay it in installments. Alternatively, it’s also possible to purchase a phone in one payment & independently from a binding contract. If you decide to do either that or to use another phone you already have, you will only need a sim card from a dutch provider.  But be aware; you need to make sure that the phone you plan to use isn’t sim-locked (=bound to one specific provider).

There is a large variety of providers with different options for mobile contracts or prepaid sims in the Netherlands. If you want to be sure to have the best deal possible, you should compare the different providers, their offers and contracts, as well as their coverage quality. The comparison websites below give you a more detailed insight into all the options! offers a detailed English guide including all essential information regarding Dutch mobile operators. It’s a good starting point to inform yourself in more detail. The also provide you with a comparison tool. (8 providers compared) & (11 providers compared) are two major comparison websites that provide you with the ability to search specifically for offers that match your individual wishes. Unfortunately, both of them are only available in Dutch.

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