Family doctor outside of regular office hours

The Maastricht & Heuvelland Medical Post (Huisartsenpost Maastricht & Heuvelland) is there for people who need urgent medical attention outside of their regular doctor’s office hours. TheHuisartsenpost is also available to patients who are temporarily living within its care radius.

If you need medical help outside the normal working hours you should call the Huisartsenpost on 043-387 77 77. Have your personal information ready. The doctor’s assistant will ask for the following details:

  • Your name, address, date of birth and phone number
  • Information about your health insurance
  • Personal identification
  • The names of any medication you are using

They will then decide whether you should get immediate medical help at the Huisartsenpost or if you should wait until your family doctor opens the following day. The Huisartsenpost is located next to the Emergency Room (Spoedeisende Hulp) of Maastricht University Hospital (azM). Follow the traffic signs to ‘azM Spoedeisende Hulp’. For more information about the Huisartsenpost, such as opening hours, visit their website.

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