Your room is not yours without the furniture to make it special. A lot of the student accommodation comes unfurnished, so you will be required to furnish it yourself. Often, you can pick up cheap second-hand furniture through Maastricht based facebook pages such as Furniture for sale! Maastricht or Bikes and Furniture in Maastricht. Although this is usually the cheapest option, you may have to arrange delivery yourself (see section below). You can also take a look at, a website where people can sell old furniture or any other items.

Another cheap option for students is to check out a second-hand store (krinkloopwinkel). There are a number of Kringloopwinkels located in and around Maastricht. Kringloop Zuid is a very large second-hand store with a wide range of furniture and other household items on offer. You can also check out Vind-iets Kringloop and Twiede Hands Twiedekans. Usually, these stores will also offer a delivery service for an extra fee. They will also collect your old furniture for free if it is of a good enough standard.

Although second-hand furniture is great to save money, there are some items you may want to buy new. You will find that all the usual furniture stores are available in the region, as well as many different stores and boutiques in the centre of Maastricht.

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