Recycling and Trash Disposal

The disposal of your household waste and other forms of trash and junk can be a considerable expense. But if you do it right, waste disposal in Maastricht can be very cheap and mostly free! Maastricht prides itself with the fact that 72% of the residents’ trash is recycled. This rate takes the number 1 seat in the country for cities of its size. And although we are already the greenest, Maastricht wants to become even greener!

That’s not only great for the environment, it’s also fantastic for a student’s wallet! The Gemeente strongly encourages recycling, which means as long as you separate and recycle your waste, its disposal is almost completely free. But as soon as you begin to throw everything into one bag to dispose, it becomes expensive! 80 cents per bag may not sound like much to some, but once you understand that Dutch supermarkets pack their food in endless layers of plastic wrapping and unnecessary materials, you realise how quickly an 80 cents bag is full.

Overall, recycling is not only the cheapest option, we all know that it is also the right thing to do for our environment. It’s fantastic that Maastricht makes recycling as easy as it can possibly be. Let’s go for that 100% recycling-friendly city together and save money in the process of helping the environment!

The document below shows the different categories into which you separate and recycle. We show which materials are included in each category and for which types of waste costs are involved. You will also find information on where to dispose what and how to do dispose it correctly. Download the waste disposal calendar of your neighbourhood for the exact dates and times of collection.

You can also download the ‘Milieu App’ to see what waste is picked up when in your street and get notified when it’s time to put your residual waste bag on the street. The app can also help you locate your closest recycling point and provides additional information about recycling and disposal of trash. Our map also shows you all of Maastricht’s recycling stations.

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