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Our Room-Search Section provides you with all kinds of knowledge on Maastricht’s housing market. Assuming you have made your decision and you will move to Maastricht soon, you surely have a variety of pressing questions. Surely some of your main questions are:

“Where do I start searching for my future room and what options do I have?“

There are many different places to start your search and below you will find information on all of them. There are options like Student-Housing, Housing Corporations, Agencies, Antikraak, Social Media, and Comparison Websites.

“What must I keep in mind and consider when choosing a room?”

Of course, when viewing rooms and apartments you must keep a few things in mind that should influence your decision. We hope that we can make you aware of essential factors you should consider, such as location & quality.

“How can I be sure that the place is of good quality, safe and worth its price?”

Many students face the problem of renting a room without being physically present in Maastricht. Others are attending viewings, but are unsure about judging quality, value and safety of the places they visit. Below you’ll find information that should help your decisions.

All these questions (and more) are answered below, preparing you to tackle all issues you might encounter whilst searching for your Maastricht-home.

Student Housing

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Student specific housing is offered by different organizations. But the most comprehensive housing agency is Maastricht Housing. Their website is a great place to start because it specializes solely in housing for students and associates of the institutions of higher education. Also, they give a very broad range of different housing options for students. If you want them to help you with your search, you must sign up and pay a one-time fee of 35€. This will grant you access to their vast range of offers.

Housing Corporations

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There are three official housing corporations offering both private and shared housing in Maastricht. They concern themselves with social housing & affordable living for everybody. Their practices and prices are not solely motivated by profit and they are considered social organizations. The local three are Maasvallei, Servatius and Woonpunt. These companies act as mediators between landlords and tenants, and facilitate the needs of both. Once you’ve signed up to one of these corporations you can start browsing the offers on their website. The sooner you register the higher your chances are of finding a place you’d like to call home. Housing corporations generally offer a wide selection of housing to cater to different needs.


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Another potential starting point are traditional housing agencies and estate agents. Many apartments that are rented out to expats or students are found via agencies. They are usually really engaged, able to offer many different options, as well as helpful staff and advice on anything regarding housing.

If you decide to go with an agency you must be careful with the costs. In recent years, there have been significant changes to Dutch law in regards to agency services and fees. A lot of tenants paid a fee to an agent that, according Dutch law, is not permitted in most cases. You can find more information about this in our post on agency fees.


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Antikraak is a service provided to combat the squatting of unused buildings. This service involves placing registered tenants in buildings that are unoccupied to protect the structure from illegal residents, or squatters. You’ll typically pay a low rental fee, which is justified by your limited legal rights within such a building. The low rental fees make this a desirable choice, so there are often waitlists to apply for this housing option. The following are the options we are aware of: Ad Hoc Beheer, Maximus BeheerDe Vastgoedbeschermer & Camelot. However, there may be more so you should search online for “Antikraak Maastricht” to find out more about all possibilities.

Social Media

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Social media can be a useful tool to get informed about housing in Maastricht. It may be necessary for you to share accommodation in order to cut costs and social media can help you meet like-minded people in a similar situation. Furthermore, numerous online pages exist with the sole purpose of providing a platform to students looking for help and advice. Try the following Facebook groups: Rooms for rent, Maastricht Student Rooms, Maastricht Room Search, and Flat Hunting Maastricht.

Comparison sites

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Some websites give overviews of the properties currently available to rent, displaying properties offered by landlords and estate agents. You can use these websites to get a rough idea of the rental market, and get a good picture of the types of accommodation and locations available to you in Maastricht. These sites are free of charge, though it is important to note that some estate agencies do not consent to their properties being listed, so they do not incorporate all the possible options available. Try one of these sites: Funda, Pararius, Huurwoning, and Direct Wonen.

Consider the Location

There are a variety of things you will want to consider when you make your choice for a place to stay and live. The location of the place is obviously one of those considerations, given that you want to live in a part of Maastricht that suits your lifestyle and provides everything you want comfortably close, like supermarkets, restaurants, or bars. Further, you might want to consider the location of your faculty. Is it in the center of Maastricht or will you attend University at one of the campuses a little outside the center?

Most students want to live in the center, close to the inner-city faculties, library, and nightlife-opportunities. Naturally, this demand means that living in the center tends to be more expensive than living a little outside of town. Often, living a little outside of the center has many advantages, such as lower costs, better parking opportunities, more recycling stations in close distance, the bigger supermarkets are closer, and so on. Also, Maastricht isn’t exactly a capital city and the distances are mostly insignificant when you are biking.

If you want to get an overview of Maastricht, its layout, size and structure, make sure to check out our interactive map!

Finding something great

When you are on room-search, you’ll want to find a place that’s great in all aspects; location, price and, most importantly, quality & safety. Often a great first impression can blind you from other issues that might be important, so you should make sure to be thorough and critical when viewing rooms.

Available living space in Maastricht is not exactly scarce, however, it can be complicated to find something truly appealing. One thing you can do to increase your chances is to start early. If you intend to arrive here by the beginning of the academic year in September without having accommodation settled, you might end up with something either unsatisfying or super expensive and overprized.

If you want to make sure to live in a place with high quality and safety standards, you should keep an eye out for accommodation that has been certified with the “Keurmerk”, a quality certificate backed by Gemeente and partner organizations.

housing keurmerk / certification mark

The Gemeente Maastricht has recently conducted a study on student housing in Maastricht and understood that the housing market for student accommodation is in dire need of reform and regulation. There are increasing concerns in regards to quality, price and location, as well as security and safety of many typical student accommodations. As a reaction to these findings, the Gemeente has partnered up with different organizations to improve the living situations of students.

These organizations are namely the Stichting Studentenhuisvesting Maastricht (SSHM) & the Vereniging Verhuurders Woonruimtes Maastricht (VVWM), which have collaborated with the firedepartment, the Maastricht Student Council, the Gemeente and its inhabitants to introduce the so called “Prettig Wonen Keurmerk”. This certification given out by the keurmerk foundation to student housing which is in accordance with a set of requirements, for example safety related (are there smoke detectors and fire extinguishers & is it burglary-proof?) or related to rental price, as well as the landlord’s behavior and willingness to fulfill his obligations. Check out the website (only in dutch) or this short informative video for more information!

The keurmerk ensures that the room/housing lives up to a variety of standards, which benefits the students, the landlords, neighbors, Gemeente and even the University. By establishing 6 cornerstones it aims at regulating and improving the housing market, so that parents can send their children to Maastricht and be ensured about the child’s safety. See the attached power point presentation for more detailed answers and explanations on the organization and processes, as well as a picture of the actual certification mark.

When you are looking for a room and you find one with the certification mark, you can be sure that you are living in a safe environment which is properly taken care of and which has a caring landlord/agency in case you have a problem and need help!

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