House Parties

House parties are a great part of your social life, but be sure to respect the local residents and the community you live in. Noise pollution is one of the major irritations voiced by locals. Often house parties are organised without informing neighbours which inevitably leads to them calling the police to complain about loud music or people loitering in the streets. The police can fine you and is allowed to confiscate your equipment if the noise continues.

So if you decide to have a house party then alway remember the idea of mutual respect. Tell your neighbours that you’re thinking of having a party and try to keep noise levels to a minimum (especially after midnight). Keep the party inside and keep doors and windows closed. Drink responsibly and keep a healthy distance from your neighbour’s property. Some landlords don’t tolerate house parties of any kind so check your contract if you don’t want to lose your deposit or be held responsible for damage to the house.

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