registering your address

You are legally required to register your innitial address with the municipality upon moving to Maastricht if you are planning on staying more than 4 months. Students who are not staying for longer than four months do not have to register (such as exchange students). You can attend one of the free registration sessions organised by UM and the municipality to register. These sessions are organized throughout the arrival periods of new students and you can sign up here. Further, if you are moving to another address during your stay you are obliged to register your current address with the municipality.

If you are non-EU student you can pick up your residence permit at the visa office where employees of the municipality will register you. Non-EU students should therefore not go to the municipality nor to one of the registration sessions.

If you change address within Maastricht, you also have to let the municipality know. You can use the guidance document below to help you do so. Also, don’t forget to deregister from the municipality once you leave Maastricht!

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