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Most places within Maastricht are easily accessible by bike but the bus is your best bet if you are commuting from Maastricht’s outskirts. Trains, however, are the fastest option for those living in Maastricht’s Heer/Randwyck and Limmel/Nazareth both of which have train stations. Trains are also a better option if you need to travel to another city or country. Although buses stop in nearby cities and towns like Valkenburg or Sittard, they take significantly longer and may even be more expensive. If you’re going to Belgium, you can take the Belgian buses from Maastricht Central station or the train headed to Liège from Maastricht Central station or Maastricht Randwyck station.


The bus service is provided by Arriva Transport and the main bus station is Maastricht Central. All buses stop there, as well as the international buses to Belgium (Hasselt) and Germany (Aachen). The bus station is divided into two sections: city buses and regional buses.

The city buses will take you everywhere in the city, while the regional buses have destinations like Aachen, Maastricht-Aachen airport, or Valkenburg. The city buses stop at the covered section of the station, the regional and international buses by the bicycle racks. If you’re travelling by city bus make sure you’re on the right side of the platform. The buses at the section closest to the train station go to the outskirts, the buses on the other side head towards the city center.

If you need more information on the routes of the different bus lines and you want to see the network map of Maastricht and surroundings, you can download all the Arriva network maps of Limburg. Alternatively, you can visit the Arriva information desk and ask for direct advice. You can find the info desk in the great hall of the Maastricht Station.

Although trains normally represent a faster and cheaper alternative to regional buses, the cheapest and fastest option to get to Aachen is the regional bus number Qliner 350. For €6 you can buy a day pass which counts as a one way ticket to Aachen. If you need to get back to Maastricht, buy a return ticket for €8,50 instead. This site provides the most accurate information on prices and planning your journey.

night buses

If you need to go from A to B on a weekend night, Arriva is providing night buses for a selection of routes on Friday and Saturday night. These routes include lines 1, 4, 5, 6 & 50. Check out the timetable for detailed information.

IC Bus Dusseldorf-Maastricht-Liege

The German railroad company Deutsche Bahn has recently introduced a new InterCity bus-line from Düsseldorf through Maastricht to Liege. The bus goes back and forth twice a day and only stops in those 3 cities. This is a great alternative to the sometimes difficult public transport to Düsseldorf or Liege. The bus has free on-board WiFi and a free entertainment portal, it has power outlets at the seats and you can even use a BahnCard to travel with discount. Customers have to comfort to use one ticket for their entire journey by IC Bus and by Deutsche Bahn train.

The Bus stops at the other side of the train tracks behind the train station in Maastricht. Just cross the tracks by using the overpass in the station and the IC Bus stop is just to your left as you leave the station. The bus goes to Düsseldorf ZOB bus station and to the bus stop at the Liege-Guillemins train station. According to their schedule, the Bus will go from Maastricht to Liege daily at 12:25pm and 06:25pm and it will arrive approximately 40 minutes later in Liege. If you intend to go from Maastricht to Düsseldorf, you can catch the Bus at 08:20am and 02:50pm and you will be traveling for about one and a half hours.

Prices start from 9€ from Maastricht to Düsseldorf and from 7€ from Maastricht to Liege. In order to book a ticket and reserve a seat, as well as finding exact times and prices download this flyer and visit their website.


Maastricht has three train stations: Maastricht Noord in Limmel/Nazareth, Maastricht Central station in Wyck/city centre and Maastricht Randwyck, in Heer/Randwyck. Trains leave from Maastricht Randwyck to Maastricht Noord via Maastricht Central station at least twice an hour – same goes for the other way. Maastricht Central Station has the most international connections to Belgium (Liège) and national connections to all the parts of the country including Amsterdam and Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport).

If you want to travel within the Maas-Rhine Region you can take one of the Arriva trains. Arriva is providing regional public transport within the whole Euregio Maas-Rhine, which expands well into Germany and Belgium. You can find a map of the area covered by Arriva here.

If you want to board a train to travel longer distances, for example if you decide to go to Amsterdam, you will have to take one of the trains provided by the national railroad company NS.


The main way of paying for Dutch bus and train services is by holding an OV-chip card in front of the card reader at arrival and departure. Learn more about OV-chip cards and how to use them here. If you forget your OV-chip card or you have not purchased one yet, then it is still possible to buy regular tickets (disposable OV-chip cards). For trains this can be done at an NS ticket machine in any station. The machines are easily recognizable by their large size and yellow colour. If you’re travelling by bus, you can buy paper tickets from the driver in cash or with debit card. Please take into account that paper tickets are almost always more expensive than paying for your travel with an OV-chip card.

money saving options

A day pass (dagkaart) is a great money saving option if you need to travel by bus several times on a single day. You can buy them from a bus driver for €6. This grants you unlimited travel after 09:00 with the Arriva buses for one day. Remember to store your ticket securely and show it to the driver whenever you enter a bus. The Arriva website provides details about the day pass (all in Dutch).

For €12.50 you can buy a dagkaart which allows you to travel on Arriva trains as well as buses in Limburg. This ticket is valid on the route Maastricht Randwyck – Kerkrade Centrum between 09:00 and 16:00. You can buy the tickets from the Arriva ticket machines in the station. If you need to travel by bus or train before 09:00 A.M. you will have to buy an additional ticket (‘PLUSkaart’) for €2,50. Have look at the terms and conditions of this offer (only in Dutch).

The NS only offers a day pass if you have an OV-chip card and it will cost you €51,40. Read the most up-to-date information about prices and conditions on the NS website.

Arriva offers another type of dagkaart which is not valid for all of the Netherlands but for the whole Euregio Maas-Rhine. For 18.50€ you can use a variety of trains and buses in the provinces of Limburg (Netherlands) and Liege (Belgium), as well as in the Regio Aachen (Germany). The ticket is valid for the whole day on which it is stamped; it’s valid for a single person on regular calendar days and on holidays it is even valid for up to 2 adults and 3 children. For more detailed information go here (all in Dutch).

NS Group ticket

An NS group ticket is a way of traveling cheaply by train. This ticket allows a group of between 4-10 persons to travel to or from any destination in the Netherlands. Passengers who want to use a Group Ticket will from now on have to travel together in the train, as opposed to the old group return ticket that made fraudulent behavior possible and was therefore changed. The new main rule is that a fellow passenger must always travel together with the main ticket holder, however, the fellow passengers can get on at a later station on the same route. The Group Ticket is for a single journey, but the group can buy a ticket for the return journey along with their outward journey. The return can also be for a later date.

You must buy the ticket online. The price is very cheap, compared to a single ticket; it goes for 7.50€ per person when traveling in 4. With an additional 1.50€ per person you can increase the amount of travelers on the ticket up to 10. Important to note is that the Group Ticket only lets you travel at off-peak hours. On Monday to Friday, that means before 06:30, between 09:00 and 16:00 and after 18:30. At weekends, it is all day from 18:30 on Friday evening until 06:30 on Monday morning.

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