The first thing you need is a valid driver’s license. If you become a resident of the Netherlands, you can still use your foreign driving license for a certain period. You can use your foreign driver’s license up to 15 years after issue, if it was issued after January 19th, 2013. A driver’s license issued before that date may be used up to 10 years after issue. If your driver’s license was issued outside of the EU you may use it for another 185 days after registering at the municipality. During that period you must obtain a Dutch driving license.

If you do not have a driver’s license at all, it is possible to take driving lessons (rijles) at a driving school (rijschool). It takes on average 40 driving lessons before you are ready to take the driving test and you need to have passed a theory test first. You can compare different driving schools in Maastricht using this website. The Dutch transport directorate (RDW) has great information (in English) for international drivers.

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