Go explore

The go explore section will provide you with loads of information about life in Maastricht. This section will help you find all the great things Maastricht has to offer. Once you are settled you might want to do more than just study. Therefore we offer information about many different things you can do in this beautiful town. We think it is fundamental that all the international students participate in activities and sports within the local community. Maastricht, as well as all the internationals, can only profit and grow with all the input and knowledge that moves here with all the internationals from different cultures and backgrounds all over the planet! So see if you can find an organisation or a club you might like, go check them out, show them how you do things at home and learn how things are done here!

To help you find something that interests you we have following sections:

Sports: the sports section provides you with information about different sports clubs and teams here in Maastricht, where they practice or how you can contact them. It includes information about different fitness studios and many other things. And if you are not quite sure what might suit you, or where you might have the most fun, just answer a few questions in the “need help getting started” quiz and we will provide you with a selection of activities based on your answers. Make use of it and go explore!

Community: the community section provides you with information about many different clubs and organisations which are not sport-related. And just like the sport section, we have prepared a few questions for you to answer, should you not be sure what you might enjoy and like.

The City: in our ‘The City’ section you can find everything you need to not get lost in Maastricht anymore.

Media: Maastricht has different local mediums, such as the Observant, a student driven newspaper, and other local organisations. In the media section we are collecting different articles and videos about life in Maastricht. So make sure you stay up to date and know about the latest news in Maastricht by checking out our media section. And, just like in the events section, we provide you with the option to submit articles, should you think that more people need to know about what the article describes.