You might say the Dutch are crazy about sports. Almost two thirds of all Dutch adults do sports on a weekly basis and about one third of all adults are registered to one of over 35000 sports clubs in the Netherlands. To get active in the best way possible, international students in Maastricht can sign up to UM SPORTS, which forms a subdivision of the University. Being a member entitles you to join their group classes, trainings, activities, and group-workouts, which are all provided in English and Dutch! For those that prefer going to the gym themselves rather than taking part in group sports or activities, UM SPORTS provides a top-modern gym equipped with a variety of machines, free-weights, and other training equipment. Be sure to check out the different membership options before signing a membership contract, and check out all the activities UM SPORTS members can participate in.

If you are looking for a little more commitment and a great sporting experience, you can join in on sports and activities run by the various student sport associations, which are financially supported by the University. These official SSA’s give you the opportunity to play your favorite sports in teams, and proudly represent the University in different tournaments and competitions!

Should UM SPORTS not offer the activities you’re interested in you can always visit a local sports club and consider joining their team. Just note that although most members will probably be able to speak English to some extent, Dutch will be the primary language of communication. Maastricht Sport is an organization that works with local sports clubs – check this list to find out what sports are offered near you.

To make things easier for you we have attached a ‘price tag’ to each sport featured on our page. The sports that have the tag ‘UM SPORTS’ are free if you have a UM SPORTS subscription. Those tagged as ‘Student Sport Association’ require a UM SPORTS subscription plus a monthly or yearly membership fee, which will go to the association’s funding. The remaining sports tagged with ‘costs involved’ are activities offered by external partners, which require you to pay fees without UM being involved or contributing at any point.

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Training Maastricht

Ben je het beu om binnen te sporten, kom dan naar Training Maastricht!
Wij vinden sporten in de buitenlucht belangrijk en geven daarom bijna al onze lessen buiten.
​We gebruiken het Stadspark en het bos als onze sportschool.
Banken, muren en trappen worden obstakels waarover je springt, klimt of rent.


Slacklining is a sport of balance. It’s like tightrope walking on a string of webbing that behaves like a trampoline. Get on the line, and try to stay on. After getting the hang of standing and walking on the line, you can move on to jumps and a variety of other tricks. It’s difficult to capture in words, so have a look at a compilation of one of our sessions.


Maastricht University’s badminton student association.


Indoor soccer is popular among students. Every time the soccer players play a small league. The coach will make the schedule. From this year, a card system will be used for the indoor soccer open hours: you will receive a number card from a UM SPORT employee at the entrance. A maximum of 24 people is allowed. You will receive an entrance card after showing a valid membership card. The numbered cards will be handed out from 14:30 hours (half an hour before the class will start). Before that time, you are not allowed to enter the sports hall.


With over 400 members, 30+ years of history and our own boathouse next to the most beautiful water of Maastricht. Saurus represents everything a student needs to begin his student-time with a flying start!


Zumba is a total workout, with fitness elements, a lot of energy and fun. Take the “work” out of workout, by mixing movements with high and low intensity for an interval calorie burning fitness party. Zumba is a training in disguise. We dance on original songs with the original rhythms like merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton but also flamenco and belly dance. Zumba is very suitable for everyone who likes pulsating Latin music. This high energy aerobic workout is also very effective for core strengthening and flexibility. Everyone can join and practice at their own level and get a complete workout.

Gracie Barra Maastricht

Welcome to the Gracie Barra Maastricht website. We are the only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team in Maastricht and the Southern part of Limburg. Are you interested in BJJ or No Gi Grappling? This is the place to be! Our doors are open to everybody who is willing to try out a class.

Sportdomein Maastricht

Sportdomein Fitness & Aerobic Centre is een erkend sportcentrum, met vestigingen in Maastricht en Eijsden, waar gediplomeerde instructeurs en fysiotherapeuten je helpen om je doel te bereiken, fitter te worden en vooral plezier te beleven aan bewegen. Als lokaal sportcentrum hechten wij veel waarde aan gezelligheid en persoonlijke begeleiding. Iedereen is welkom! Kom lekker in een ongedwongen sfeer sporten op je eigen niveau.

Road Race Training

Are you an enthusiastic race cyclist but do you mostly cycle alone? Would you like to ride more often with others and meet new people? Then UM Cycling offers you a great opportunity for a sportive lifestyle with a weekly training session to improve your fitness!

fit for free

Bij Fit For Free schrijf je je doelen op de muur én fitness je al vanaf €9,95 p.m.!

Dance Hall

Dancehall is an active dance style. Dancehall music originates from Jamaica (a combination of R&B, reggae and ska, among others). Jamaican and African movements are typical for Dancehall. Dancehall incorporates clean, smooth and supple movements. In addition it is an intensive workout for your whole body.

Akbaba Gym

Feel good, feel strong, feel confident, feel fit and feel welcome at Akbaba Gym, the sports centre of Maastricht. Challenge yourself at the versatile gym, where you can take lessons in traditional boxing, Muay Thai/kickboxing, Krav Maga, self-defence and MMA Freefight. Whether you’re a professional who competes in matches or an enthusiastic amateur, this is the gym of champions, for champions.

Health Center Palaestra

Located on the outskirts of Maastricht Health Center Palaestra, we distinguish ourselves from the rest by our casual, cozy and homely atmosphere where everyone feels at home. Outside our fitness and cardio center, we offer a wide range of group
classes (33 hours per week), without prior registration with eg Spinning- Beat Kick – Flashdance – Yoga -Pilates – BBB -Total Body Training – Boot Camp and Better Belly / Belly Atta

Women on Weights

Women on Weights (WOW) is a group fitness programme that is designed to engage and empower women of any training ability about the importance and benefits of regular resistance exercise. This 7-week programme has been divided into two Levels.

Fitnesscentrum Topvorm Maastricht

Fitness & cardiofitness onder goede begeleiding waar gewenst. Bij ons train je op je eigen niveau met persoonlijke trainingsschema’s.


Power kick is a powerful and energetic training program consisting easy of high/low impact aerobic, combined with kicks and jabs from Tae Bo, boxing and karate. During the Powerkick class tracks with (fast) combinations will be alternated with tracks where we focus on powerful exercises.


Bij O’Woman voel jij je thuis. Je wordt goed begeleid door vrouwen. Je doet oefeningen die passen bij jouw wensen.


In the Gym/Fitness of Sports Centre Randwyck a wide array of training equipment is available to you. A skilled instructor is present to assist you with an exercise, make a personal training schedule for you and provide information/answers to your questions.

Workout mix

You will train your entire body during the Workout Mix class. The classes vary per week depending on the sports instructor. Workout Mix consists of elements from other group classes, like Powerkick, ClubPower, Super HIIT and strengthening exercises. Because of the great variety within Workout Mix, no class will be the same. It is a complete and varied workout: high and low intensity is alternated and you’ll work on strength, flexibility, conditioning and fat burning. Additional materials are used, like resistance tubes, dumbbells and/or steps to add an extra dimension to the workout, which means Workout Mix is powerful, intensive and effective!

Kai O Dojo Maastricht

Learn how to organize your Budo training from beginner to Advanced. In a step by step, logical progression, you will learn the drills necessary for skill development. The Bujinkan is an international martial arts organization based in Japan and headed by Masaaki Hatsumi. This combat system comprises nine separate ryūha/traditions, referred to as Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu. Hatsumi uses the term Budo (martial way), because the ryūha descended from historical samurai schools teaching samurai martial tactics and ninjutsu schools teaching ninja tactics.


Spinning or Indoor cycling is a form of exercise with classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity (race days) and recovery, that involve using a special stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel in a classroom setting.The trainings effect is: cardio training, optimal fat burning, and the joy of a pleasant trainings program.

Self Defense - Women

Maybe you are afraid on the street sometimes, you don’t always feel save and you would like to enhance your personal safety? Or maybe you’ve been assaulted once and you didn’t know what to do? Then this course is for you!
In this course practical skills are taught by an experienced martial arts trainer to protect yourself in difficult and uncomfortable situation. Furthermore, you will work on your self esteem and building confidence. By learning different defence and escape techniques you will gain the confidence that you can protect yourself and will feel more secure.

Core & More

Increase your core strength, tone your abs, glutes and legs, and improve posture. By doing exercises for core stability and core strength, you are also training on a functional level. A strong core is essential for a stronger body. The aim of this class is to not only tone your body, but also to improve posture, assist in injury prevention and increase strength in other workouts and in daily life.


Are you keen to experience the fastest game on two feet? Do you feel eager to participate in motivated practices and win spectacular tournaments against other teams? Would you like to combine sport and tempting social activities within an international community? Then the Maastricht Lacrosse team is ready for you!

Table Tennis

Table tennis, or ping pong, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using a small, round bat. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net. Except for the initial serve, players must allow a ball played toward them only one bounce on their side of the table and must return it so that it bounces on the opposite side. Points are scored when a player fails to return the ball within the rules. Ping pong is great fun, its fast and demands quick reactions.

Hip Hop

Female hiphop is a way of hiphop which emphasizes showing attitude, hiphop foundations added with feminine and sexy movements. During this course you will learn the foundations of hiphop and work on specific techniques like voguing and wacking for several weeks. In addition a choreography will be the basis of the class, on which you work and improve every week. At the end of the course this dance will be filmed! With female hiphop you can think about Beyoncé, Ciara and Missy Elliot. It is a combination of hiphop movements with a feminine touch. Are you interested and would you like to work an a cool choreography and dance like Beyoncé? Register now!


Are you interested in outdoor sports? Rock-climbing, Bouldering, Alpine Tours, Klettersteig, Hiking, Camping – if you enjoy one of these activities you are right with the Maastrichtse Studenten Alpen Club. We are a sports-association and mainly go Rock-climbing outdoors in Belgium and France and indoors in the Neoliet and Graviton two climbing halls near Maastricht. You have little or no climbing experience? No problem. That’s how most of us started and thanks to MaasSAC’s education program anyone can become a lead-climber and maybe even a climbing instructor.


Welkom bij Jiu-Jitsu Vereniging Yamamoto! Bij ons leer je traditionele jiu-jitsu in combinatie met moderne verdedigingstechnieken: werpen, klemmen, stoten, trappen, transporteer-, wapen-, grondtechnieken en meer


Boot Camp Outdoor: an outdoor training using whatever we meet on our way, fields, obstacles, stairs etc. we will train to improve your condition and get a fit body.


Ben je op zoek naar een sportschool in Maastricht waar jij je thuis voelt, geen nummer bent en waar persoonlijke begeleiding en advies op topniveau voorop staan? Het team van sportcenter Bodyvision stelt je op je gemak, vraagt welgemeend wat je doel is en overlegt samen met jou hoe ons sportcentre je daarin kan begeleiden. Je kunt bij ons terecht voor o.a. Fitness, The Grind @ Bodyvision, Kickboksen, Bootcamp en Spinning, maar ook kun je lessen volgen in ondermeer Yoga Mix, ABS Class, Booty Vision en meer.

Ferro Mosae

Maastricht University’s triathlon student association.

Stoked Maastricht

Are you Stoked? Well we definitely are – about announcing the first board-sports student association in Maastricht. Are you passionate about surfing, snowboarding/skiing on fresh powder in the Alps, cruising on a longboard around Maastricht or hitting up a wakeboard-cable park on a sunny day? We are! You can ride with us for surfing, snowboarding/skiing, wakeboarding and skate/longboarding. Even if you’ve never stood on a board before but you’d like develop one of these skills it’s never too late!

UM running

Stay in shape with the running practices of UM SPORTS! Discover the beautiful surroundings of the Sint Pietersberg. On Wednesdays you can join the training sessions with trainer Jos Timans. The training consists of a comprehensive warming up, a varied running program and a cooling down and is therefore suitable for almost every runner. Every aspect of training will be available at our training, for example interval, power, hill and speed training. Preparations for regional running competitions are always taken into account at training.

FIt & Move

Fit & Move is a dynamic fitness formula in which become more fit and exercise are central. We stand for quality with the sharpest price and all this for a broad audience. This means that you are training on devices of the A-brand Technogym or follow a group lesson under expert counseling, all in a pleasant and atmospheric surroundings.

Third Line Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing)

This style teaches kick and throwing techniques, as well as tactics and strategies. All is taught by sparring with others. Endurance, flexibility and mobility of the whole body are trained just as much as mental rest and tranquility, which is an essential part of this technique. During the lessons, the traditional atmosphere of respect and discipline prevails. Training is Saturdays 12:30 – 14:30.


Yoga is a process of awareness. Hatha Yoga, the yoga of body control, is the most practiced form of the West. It is a system of body-. breathing-, and concentration- exercises. This method has helped people for over thousands of years to stay healthy and to be able to develop themselves better.

Ultimaas Ultimate Frisbee Maastricht

Ultimate frisbee is a non-contact team sport played with a flying disc. The object of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone, similar to an end zone in American football or the in-goal area in rugby.Players may not run with the disc, and must keep a pivot while holding the disc.

Mas Incontro

Make new friends – then stab them! If you want to learn how to modern day sword fight or continue your training, join MAS Incontro. We have exciting courses with experienced trainers for both beginning (foil) and advanced fencers (foil, epee, sabre). We participate in tournaments open to all levels of experience. Trainings: Thursday 19:30 – 21:00 @ UM Sports Center. Free sparing: 21:00-22:00. Extra trainings: Monday @ Roserije 400 (Sporthall de Heeg) at 20:30-22:00. Equipment is provided. More info @ facebook or masincontro.nl.

Akiyama Nihon Jiu-Jitsu

Welkom bij de oudste en gezelligste jiu-jitsu vereniging van Maastricht. Voor jong en oud, man en vrouw. Student, werkloos of werkend, iedereen vanaf 13 jaar is welkom om een keer te komen kijken of misschien wel mee te doen!

M.S.Z.V. Lagakari

Welcome to MSZV Lagakari, Maastricht’s Student Sailing Association. Do you enjoy sailing and want to continue doing so in Maastricht or are you completely new to the sport and would like to learn? Then join Lagakari. During the sailing season (March-October) we offer lessons regularly and during winter there are theory classes. Also join us for our weekly drinks every thursday in Gabi’s Beer Bar!

no address available


The Maestrichtse Students Hockey Club (MSHC) is the student hockey association where playing hockey and drinking a beer after the match go together. MSHC contains 3 women’s teams and 1 men’s team. Who doesn’t want to play matches can join the UM Sport walk-in training on Wednesdays to keep up the physical condition. All information can be found on the website or like the MSHC Facebook page!

il fiore healthcenters Maastricht (Ceramique)

24 hours a day, 7 days a week unlimited sports

Muay Thai

Muay Thai Boxing is a combat sport from Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Muay Thai is referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” or the “Science of Eight Limbs” because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, thus using eight “points of contact”, as opposed to “two points” (fists) in boxing and “four points” (hands and feet) used in other more regulated combat sports.

Mac maastricht

Mac Athletic Club offers not only fitness and personal Training but you can also benefit from a large variety of groups classes like: Zumba, Bodytraining, Bodypump, Spinning, XCO and much more. Visit mac for professional advice and be inspired! – See more at: http://www.macmaastricht.nl/en/mac-athletic-club?#sthash.rRmcKRpV.dpuf

Let's dance

M.S.D.V. Let’s Dance! is a student dancing association situated in Maastricht. Its members come from the academical community of Maastricht University, and participate in the courses and activities of Let’s Dance!.

Dansschool Reality

Dansschool Reality is a young and dynamic dance school. We have 3 different locations in Maastricht, so there is always one nearby! We provide over 50 hours of dance classes for every age, so there is always something that suits you! You pick and choose your own classes every week, how many hours you want to dance and which classes you want to follow without any extra costs. We only have a month deregistration fee, so you are not stuck to a subscription for an entire year and you can change your subscription every month! We have student discount and talk English in the classes in our location Centre! Come by for your two FREE try out classes!


Aside from floorball (unihockey) being kick ass, it is not just the sport that our members are attracted to here in Maastricht . It is also a place where you can meet both the ‘indigenous people’ and other international students which results in a fun and open group!

Klim-in YOGA

Dit moto heeft Manú vanuit haar jeugd meegekregen, en nadien heeft zij dit in ere gehouden. Na studie en werk is zij altijd actief gebleven in de sport wereld. Yoga kwam voor haar om een verbinding te zoeken tussen de sport activiteiten en het beheersen van haar energie en enthousiasme.


Maastricht University’s Karate student association.


Are you interested in running or in technical athletics and fun activities? Then we’re the right association for you! MSAV Uros is the Student Athletics Association of Maastricht. All practices start with a general warm-up for everybody, after which we split up in two groups, a running group and technical group. On Tuesday the running group will explore the hilly environment of Maastricht with a long distance-run. On Thursday this group practices on the track. The technical group offers practices in the different disciplines on Tuesday and Thursday. Of course you can change between groups as often as you would like.

Club Power

Club Power/Body Pump is the fastest way to shape up and lose body fat. It’s a toning and conditioning class with weights. All muscle groups will be trained. Due to repeating exercises with relatively light weights your muscles will not increase in volume. On the other hand your muscles will definitely become in better shape.


Squash – high-intensity miniature wall-tennis. or something like that. Great fun!

Spring Pilates BodyMindTraining

Pilates with a twist: 3dBody is contemporary Pilates based on classical Pilates principles, focussing on 3-dimensional, fluid rotational and circular movement. The exercises are designed to liberate your neck, back and shoulders. Spring Pilates promotes upright posture, flexible spine, moving with awareness. max. of 10 participants. First lesson for free. Challenging, relaxing, energizing…Try it!

Ladyline Maastricht

De vakgroep ‘Voeding en Diëtetiek’ van Ladyline ontwikkelde enige tijd geleden de ‘Energy Balance®’ methode. Deze methode zorgt er voor dat u met normale gangbare voeding alle benodigde voedingsstoffen in de juiste hoeveelheden binnenkrijgt.

Kungfu Heuvelland

Kungfu School Bai Jia Zhi Dao is een Nederlands opleidingscentrum voor de traditionele beoefening van de oude Chinese krijgskunsten. Dit opleidingscentrum is een initiatief van Robert Nelissen die ruime ervaring heeft in deze Chinese krijgskunsten.

Samadhi Yoga

Samadhi Yoga dankt zijn naam uit het Sanskrit. Samadhi is de laatste stap op het achtvoudige pad van ashtanga yoga. Dit pad wordt beschreven in de Yoga Soetra’s, welke werden opgesteld door Patanjali. Samadhi is de staat waarin de menselijke geest vrij is en ongehinderd is door gedachten. Deze staat wordt omschreven als een staat van geluk en vrede.

Waterproof Maastricht Waterpolo

Water polo is a sport which can be played best in a competition; at the training sessions you work on your condition, techniques and tactics. The competition is the place where you can actively practice water polo. Students with a valid sign-up membership can join the water polo training sessions of Waterproof. Registration and paying an additional fee at the desk or in the web shop of UM SPORTS is necessary.


Yoga Maastricht is de enige Iyengar yogastudio in Limburg met meer dan 20 lessen per week, puur Iyengar yoga!

CrossFit Batteraof Maastricht

The Trainers at CrossFit Batteraof are committed to give you the best personal guidance. We will provide you the coachingneeded to perform all the CrossFit movements safely and effectively. We will carefully instruct and monitor you going through the movements. But we will also encourage you to try new things, get out of your comfort zone and break PR’s.


When the sun is shining there is nothing better than to take your mountain bike to the forest and go for a ride. Therefore, UM Cycling organizes four special mountain bike training rides. During the training you have the opportunity to practice riding obstacles like tree trunks and stairs, and we will train on improving several MTB techniques. Our MTB trainer plans a beautiful route and gives you personal tips to refine your skills.

Maastricht Knights

The Maastricht Knights are the student’s basketball club of Maastricht University.


Boxing is a game of attack and defence; an excellent physical and mental training. The lessons are offered in a playful way and are suitable for everyone. The training is often in pairs, so it might be fun to sign up with a friend.


“De Maraboes” is the notorious rugby club from Maastricht. The Maastrichtse Studenten Rugby Genootschap was founded in 1989 and has since reached an active member body of over thirty people and over 40 alumni, all members of the famed Old Maraboes Association the O.M.A.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a sport that you learn and experience an entire lifetime long. Learning how to communicate with the horse and understand what he can do for you will be a fascinating experience. One of the most attractive sides of horseback riding is that it is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and levels of riding ability. With a UM SPORTS membership you receive €3 discount on a class.


Pilates is a movement system that improves the strength, flexibility, and balance of body and mind. This intelligent exercise method comprises more than isolated exercises; it is a series of flowing movements following the rhythm of your breathing, stimulating mind and body to work together.

Anytime Fitness Maastricht

Anytime Fitness, altijd in de buurt, altijd een goede workout, altijd open! Bij Anytime Fitness combineren wij jouw drukke schema en levensstijl. Met een Anytime Fitness lidmaatschap kun je op elk moment trainen bij alle Anytime Fitness cubs!

UM Cheerleading Team

The Maastricht University Cheerleading team was established in 2012 as a UM School of Business and Economics student team. Since then, we have developed into an enthusiastic, full-fledged cheerleading team participating annually in various competitions, comprised of students from various faculties of Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd.

Sportschool Pierre Zenden B.V.

Zenden sports, swim club and hotel has been around for over 50 years now. Few gyms in the Netherlands provide such a complete sports program as Zenden, Maastricht’s oldest institution in the field. Our sports and swimming school laid the foundation for much more.

Modern Dance

The class combines the following elements: Floor work, release technique, attention exercises and dance combinations with flowing dynamics. Dance improvisation with awareness of ‘presence’ where rhythm, space, music and emotion meet.


Welcome to MSHV Manos, the student handball association in Maastricht! We are an active association with a lot of great and active people. One of our most important activities is of course playing handball. We practice every Tuesday afternoon in sport hall Randwyck and we participate in several tournaments across the Netherlands.

Basic Fit

In verschillende Basic-Fit-clubs kan je non-stop sporten van maandagochtend tot vrijdagavond, ook ‘s nachts. Dus geen excuses meer!

Vivas Gym

Heb je interesse om je in te schrijven voor Muay Thai? Je bent altijd welkom om 2 proeflessen te volgen, zodat je een weloverwogen keuze kunt maken.

DBSV Red Socks

DBSV Red Socks is THE Maastricht Student Football Club. We’re the biggest senior footballclub of the region and play matches on every level, from beginner to the real ‘messi’ look-a-like’s!


Capoeira is a Brazilian fighting game, combining music, dance and acrobatic movements, accompanied by traditional Capoeira music. Capoeira has two styles, the Capoeira Angola, the traditional style, and the Capoeira Regional, the modern style.


Maastricht University’s korfball student association.

no address available

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, and has been taught to hundreds of law enforcement agencies and thousands of civilians in the United States. Krav Maga is a simple, effective self defense system that emphasizes instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios.

MSV Tiburon

Maastricht University’s swimming student association.

il fiore healthcenters (Mariaberg)

24 hours a day, 7 days a week unlimited sports

EQuilibrium Maastricht

We are a group of people working in the field of movement and health. We work according to the principle of Wu Wei, a Chinese proverb meaning “not acting against the nature of things”. For us Wu Wei means that we are mainly concerned with strengthening people to help themselves. EQuilibrium Maastricht offers training courses for groups: Tai Chi, Wu Shu, Yoga, Mindfulness, Inner Strength, Self-defense for women, Martial Arts – meetings and massage courses. For individuals, there is Acupuncture, exercise therapy and wellness massages such as Ayurvedic Abhyanga and Oriental relaxation massage.

Pilates with a twist: 3dBody is contemporary Pilates based on classical Pilates principles, focussing on 3-dimensional, fluid rotational and circular movement. The exercises are designed to liberate your neck, back and shoulders. Spring Pilates promotes upright posture, flexible spine, moving with awareness. max. of 10 participants. First lesson for free. Challenging, relaxing, energizing…Try it!


Maastricht University’s tennis student association.

Demirci gym maastricht

Na vier jaar lang Thaiboksen begon Mustafa lessen te geven op sportscholen. Op een dag vroeg iemand; waarom begin je niet aan een vereniging voor jezelf? Zo is Mustafa op het idee gekomen om een eigen sportschool te openen. Mustafa heeft daarom twee jaar lang de cursus thaiboksen en Boksen gevolgd en met succes alle diploma’s hiervoor behaald. Door deze motivatie is Mustafa in 1992 begonnen met een goede plan van aanpak.


We are a fun loving yet hard working student gymnastics association. We go out for a drink together almost every week after practice to catch up and have some fun. The practices are fun driven and everyone can go at their own pace. We do about 4-5 competitions a year ranging from very basic level to very advanced, so everyone can join!

Dutch Mountains

Maastricht University’s cycling student association.

Club pellikaan Maastricht

ij bieden méér dan een gewone sportschool. Je voelt de persoonlijke aandacht. Activiteiten voor alle leeftijden: van 0 tot 95 jaar. Aansluitend bourgondisch nagenieten in onze gezellige Coffee Club. Clubmanager Deborah van den Eerenbeemt nodigt je graag uit op de club. Samen met haar team staat ze voor je klaar.

City Gym Maastricht V.O.F

The difference between City Gym and other gyms is the intensive personal guidance we give to our members to reach their maximal potential in a safe and fun way. All members receive each 4 to 10 weeks a new personal training schedule, optimized for their body and training goals.

Yamamoto Maastricht

Welkom bij Jiu-Jitsu Vereniging Yamamoto! Bij ons leer je traditionele jiu-jitsu in combinatie met moderne verdedigingstechnieken: werpen, klemmen, stoten, trappen, transporteer-, wapen-, grondtechnieken en meer

MSZV Tiburon

Maastricht University’s swimming student association. We are a variety of students from all over the world swimming for this one great team, either recreationally or competitively. We have two experienced coaches for all levels of swimming, doesn’t matter if all you can do is float or swim at a high level, there is something for everyone! Swimming is not the only thing we have in common, we also enjoy activities ranging from having dinner to going on weekends abroad.​ We train twice a week for 1 hour and 15 minutes each session on Tuesdays (19:30) and Thursdays (20:00).

Strength and Conditioning

Warming up and stretch followed by a condition circuit. This condition circuit is different every lesson. There will be a number of “stations” with different exercises of 1 minute like, sit-ups, squats, rope skipping, etc. The lesson combines strength and endurance; running, jumping and exercises using a variation of materials. The materials we use are: barbells, dumbells, Bosu balls, mats, steps, tubes, dynabands, etc.

M.S.V.V. Fyrfad

M.S.V.V. Fyrfad is the only student volleyball association in the region of Maastricht. We provide the opportunity to play volleyball at a recreational level throughout the week as well as at a higher and more competitive level on weekends as well. On top of this, we organize many fun activities throughout the year! For more information check out our website.


The Japanese Jigoro Kano developed judo from jiu-jitsu in 1892. He imposed a ban on dangerous techniques and introduced rules of play. Judo became a very interesting and popular branch of sports, also in the form of a league.

Jiu Jitsu Vereniging Yamamoto

Looking for a sporty challenge? Another way of exercising which allows you to train strength and stay in shape? Do you want to enlarge your defensibility, be more assertive and know how to use self-defense techniques when it’s necessary? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you should definitely contact us. Jiu Jitsu is the most versatile form of Budo-sports. Yamamoto is for everyone. And besides Jiu Jitsu we also organise a lot of fun activities!

123 Fit

Heb jij ook zo weinig tijd om te sporten? Wil je wel iets aan je lijf doen, maar niet uren naar de sportschool? Dan is 30 minuten fitness bij 123 Fit in Maastricht dé uitkomst! Onze kleinschalige fitness studio is geschikt voor mannen en vrouwen, alle leeftijden. Verbeter je conditie en word fit in 30 minuten. Slechts 2 keer per 10 dagen is al voldoende om resultaat te zien.

SGV Maastricht

Whether you are interested in golf, want to play for fun or want to network for the future, SGV Maastricht is the right place to be! We support the sport of golf and try to make the beauty of it known to as many people as possible! We create a hub for networking between students and, if possible, for students and potential employers.

Gobeyondsquad bootcamp

Kom je lekker uitleven tijdens deze ultieme full body workout! 1ste keer is altijd gratis 🙂 Voor voeding en trainingsadvies bent u bij ons ook welkom!

Aikidoschool Aikikaz

Do you want to do a martial art with effectiviness and no violence? Then you are at the right adress! Aikido is a Japanese martial art through which the body and mind will become one. Aikido is a self-defense martial art on a friendly / non ego base and easy accessible level. Aikido can reduce stress levels and makes your body stronger and flexible.


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The Margrieten are a Maastricht-based women’s rugby team.

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