Are you starting work in the Netherlands? Then you need Dutch public health insurance. Luckily, there are many options of health insurance providers that you can choose from. In order to find out which one suits your needs best, you can take a test at a comparison website such as zorgwijzer.nl.

First, put in your date of birth. The next question is if you’re looking for coverage all over the Netherlands. This isn’t needed if you are going to stay in Maastricht. However, you’ll only be able to go to medical places that have a deal with your insurance company. If you choose the latter, then scroll down to where it says “pick a specific hospital” and type in Maastricht UMC+ (otherwise you might find yourself having to pay or travel to Rotterdam!)

All health insurance has an “eigen risco” or “own risk”. This means that if you need medical care, you have to pay an excess. The lowest this can be is 385 euros. The exception to this is if you need to see a GP – this is always covered completely by your insurance. See the section here for more information about what you have to pay yourself.

You know your health best, so go through the other options and see if there is anything you need, like dental insurance or birth control (which isn’t covered if you’re over 21). Always remember that you can get the insurance subsidy to cover most of the cost.

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