Recycling and Trash Disposal

Sorting your garbage helps it to be recycled properly, so that it can have the least harmful impact on the environment. It is also much cheaper to recycle! The municipality of Maastricht tries to help you to create as little ‘trash’ as possible. 

Plastic, Glass and Paper

You should have already noticed the recycling points in your neighbourhood. Here you can dispose of your plastic, glass and paper. You can check the location of the recycling points on the Milieu app , and also check if the type of plastic you have is recyclable. This app has amazing functionality, can work in Dutch and English. You can search for anything and it will tell you where it you should be disposing of it.

Remember that for some bottles, you can return them to supermarkets in exchange for a voucher that gives you money off your shop. This is usually for beer bottles, or plastic bottles of soda. You can check if this is the case by seeing on the back of the bottle, or on your receipt if it says the word “Statiegeld”.

Food Waste

Green bins (GFT) are used for food waste. If there is anything that could be put in compost, throw it in your green bin! Bins are assigned to houses, so check if you have one already. If not, you can use the milieu app to request one.

The bins can get a little stinky, so a good idea is to place old paper at the base of the bin. You can also keep the green bin in an outside area like your bike shed, and collect waste in your kitchen using recycleable plastic bags (which can be bought cheaply at the supermarket). Once the bag in your kitchen is full, it can be tied up the bag and brought down to the green bin outside.  


Whatever is left can go in the red bin bags. You can buy them at the service counter at super markets. After all your recycling, there shouldn’t be too much left to put in these bags! This is great, because they are the worst for the environment, and also the most expensive for you. Use them for plastics that aren’t recyclable, weird packaging and textiles that you can’t reuse or donate.

It can get confusing but don’t worry! The municipality is to the rescue with the Milieu app to make garbage disposal easier. It is available in both Dutch and English! Here, you can search and check anything that doesn’t clearly fit into a garbage category. This means that less stuff gets incorrectly put in the red bins! It also is how you can get a garbage disposal pass, which lets you go to the larger recycling stations (millieu perrons). This is like a large version of a recycling point. Throwing away paper/ glass and plastic is free, but you need to pay when chucking out other special or bigger items. 

The app is very easy to use, and even includes a MyWaste calendar. This makes finding out the days when you can leave your cardboard and paper on the street for it to be collected much easier. 

Big pieces of trash

If you’re trying to throw out your fridge or your sofa, you need to go to a rubbish tip. For this, you need our page on Rubbish tips and waste passes in Maastricht.

It is also possible to get the municipality to come and collect large items of trash, if you don’t have a car, though this comes with a cost. Information on the page is only available in Dutch, but by clicking the orange button on the left side of the page, it will take you to the DigID website which can be changed to English.

If you have something like a sofa that is still in fairly good condition, you can contact Kringloop Zuid to see if they’re willing to accept it. If they are, they will come and pick it up from you for free.

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