KLM's Bus & Shuttle service

If you fly with the Dutch airline KLM  from or to either one of the airports in the Netherlands, you can make use of their free shuttle-service! KLM is providing a bus line that goes from Maastricht’s Station to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. On its route, it also stops at Maastricht-Aachen airport and at Eindhoven Airport. The bus goes both ways twice a day, so take the one that ensures you to be on time for your check-in!

NOTE: Until the end of 2019, the KLM bus will be stopping at the Groene Loper instead of the station. This is because there is a new proper international bus station being built on the Meerssenerweg, and until that is done, all international buses are using different stops.

When you fly with KLM you can take this bus without any extra charge, but you need to book a seat in the bus when you are buying the flight ticket! This means that the destination/departure of your journey must be stated as Maastricht. If the service is not visibly included on the ticket and the itinerary shows another start/finish than Maastricht, you will not be allowed to board the bus. Therefore, contact your booking office and make sure the bus ride is shown on your ticket!

Check out more detailed information on the KLM Bus for departure times, exact location, booking procedure, etc.

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