Transport basics

Do not be freaked out by transport in the Netherlands; it is actually really easy to find your way around. Internationally, there are a number of airports that are well connected by train to Maastricht. These include Schiphol (Amsterdam airport), Eindhoven, Brussels, Maastricht-Aachen and Cologne. For shorter journeys you can use buses and trains.

A bike  is handy for travelling within Maastricht. Thanks to Maastricht’s small size you can get across most of the city in under half an hour and parking your bike is almost always free of charge. Our bikes page has all the information you need about buying a bike, repairs and road safety. Some of you may have cars, which can come in handy for travelling. You should bear in mind, however, that it is very difficult to get around the city center by car, so a bike is probably a better option for everyday life.

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