Planning your journey

If it’s your first time arriving in Maastricht, it’s a good idea to check out all the different airport options in and around the city. In this sense, you should not only look at flight logistics, but also at connections from the airport you choose to the city itself. If you arrive in a Dutch airport, you can use the official NS website to book train tickets. If you’re arriving in a Belgian airport and want to get to Maastricht, use SNCB International to get tickets. Lastly, if you’re arriving at a German airport, train tickets can be found here.

Consider your flight’s ETA to calculate your transport connections, so that you make sure you don’t miss your train or bus! For this, it’s best to give yourself some leeway in case of any delays at the airport. Also, keep in mind the time you would actually get to Maastricht, and whether it is a reasonable hour for you to check into your accommodation, and maybe get some groceries or food. A useful piece of information is that on Sundays, supermarkets and most shops close at 18:00, so if you happen to arrive at around that time it might be hard for you to actually find something to eat (take it from someone who’s been there!).

Within the Netherlands, is the best journey planner for public transport. You fill in where you need to go and they will tell you how to get there the quickest using buses, trains or both. You can also try the tool provided by Arriva Transport or the NS journey planner. Bear in mind, however, that the NS journey planner doesn’t include buses. To find a bus stop near you, check this map for an overview of the Arriva bus stops in Maastricht.

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