Buses in Maastricht are a great way to get around the city when its raining and you can’t quite be bothered to bike. The bus service is provided by Arriva Transport and you can catch the bus to everywhere in the city as well as places like Aachen, Maastricht-Aachen airport and Valkenburg. The easiest way to the bus you need is to use the Arriva website. Here, you can also see the full timetable of all of the bus lines. Another option is to use 9292.nl, which is one of the most popular websites for finding the timetables of public transport in the Netherlands.

If you need more information on the routes of the different bus lines and you want to see the network map of Maastricht and surroundings, you can download all the Arriva network maps of Limburg. Alternatively, you can visit the Arriva information desk and ask for direct advice. You can find the info desk in the great hall of the Maastricht Station.

International Buses

As well as buses around the city, you can catch buses to international destinations. If you’re at the Maastricht station, then on the side nearest the river, there is the main bus stop. Buses from Arriva and de Lijn (the belgian bus company) will stop here.

On the other side of the station, next to the road Meerssenerweg, is the international bus stop. Come out of the station and walk down the road. You need to go past the bike parking, past the P+R carpark, and keep going until you reach the bus shelter. Here, there will be a sign displaying information about the flixbus that are arriving soon. See our section about Flixbus for more information! All of the other international buses that are not part of Arriva,  will also stop here.

Although trains are normally faster and cheaper than buses, the best option to get to Aachen is the 350 bus. For €6 you can buy a day pass which counts as a one way ticket to Aachen. If you need to get back to Maastricht, buy a return ticket for €8,50 instead. This site provides the most accurate information on prices and planning your journey.

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