It is possible to catch a bus from Maastricht to many other cities in Europe. This will take much longer than taking the train but is usually cheaper, and there are plug sockets and wifi on the buses. The main company that is popular with students is Flixbus.

The Flixbus bus stop is at the station, on the side further away from the river by the road Meerssenerweg. You can cross the train tracks through the station. To get to the bus station from the train station, go down the stairs and walk past the bike racks and the P+R carpark. Keep walking until you reach the bus shelters, which will have signs displaying information about the international buses arriving soon.

Currently, there are direct lines to Brussels, Amsterdam, many cities in Germany and even Prague. If you’re willing to have a connection in your journey, then there is even the option of getting to Rome or Madrid, though it might take you 25 hours to get there!

Our final tip- your ticket will tell you to get there 15 minutes earlier than the departure time. Make sure you do this! If the bus arrives early, it can leave early too. Don’t miss out on travelling!

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