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In order to pay with your OV-chip card, you must first top-up your card with money. To ride the bus you need at least €4,- on your chip card. To ride the train it’s €20,- (or €10,- if you have the student travel product). This money functions as a kind of deposit. You can top up you chip card at the ticket machines at train stations or via the internet. Whenever you check-in on the bus or train, the corresponding deposit is withdrawn. Upon checking-out the deposit will be refunded and your ride billed. The deposit is a safety measure to prevent travellers from not checking out. Rates depend on the public transport provider you’re travelling with, but you always pay per kilometer. You can calculate the cost of your travel in advance on by planning your journey.

When using an OV-chip card you must check in and out. You do this upon departure (checking-in) and arrival (checking-out) by holding your OV-chip card in front of the card readers on the bus itself or at the train station. You must always check in and out, even if you are on your free travel period or changing operators as failing to do so might lead to fines or losing your credit. So if you are switching from a NS train to an Arriva Transport train, check out at NS and in at Arriva Transport. If you have forgotten to check out, you can fix this on the official OV-chip card website.

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