International Student Identity Card

One option for students who need an OV Chipkaart is the combo ISIC/OV Chipkaart deal. This can act as both a Dutch public transport and international student card, and gives you a 15% discount on every off-peak journey you make. 

The card costs 15 euros, which is slightly more than the standard personal OV Chipkaart at 7,50. However with the discount on all your trains and buses, as well as the ISIC discounts (which you can find here) then we think it is probably worth the cost.

One thing to mention though- you can’t add any extra discounts on top of the 15%. Normally, if you’re with someone who has free travel (either a Dutch student, or someone who works 56 hours per month) then they can give you a 40% discount if you are travelling with them. This would not be possible if you only have the ISIC/OV card. 

In addition, if you decided to start working 56 hours a month and got the studiefinance including the free travel product, then you would need to get your own normal personal OV chipkaart in order to benefit from this. 

For most international students though, the ISIC card is probably still your best plan! You can find the sign up sheet at the website.

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