“If we all follow up the measures, we will not only have an amazing INKOM week and a fantastic start of the academic year, but we will also be considerate towards ourselves, future students of Maastricht, and vulnerable people around us.”

That is the message of the Maastricht Student Associations addressed to all students in Maastricht. Read the full letter here:

Maastricht has a lot to offer besides your studies. In this section you can find activities, initiatives and organisations in which you can get involved. You can search for organizations by using tags such as ‘socializing’, ‘sustainability’ or ‘study’ for organisations related to these tags. Go explore and get involved!

The Community overview is established in collaboration with Match. At Match we believe in the power of social involvement and engagement. By volunteering during your studies, you are able to develop social and professional skills and put what you have learned to practice in real-life situations.

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Run by locals


The INKOM is the official introduction week in Maastricht for all new students of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool. During this week, we introduce new students and their mentor groups to all student, study and sport associations that Maastricht has to offer. The INKOM gives them the opportunity to get to know Maastricht as their new home.
The INKOM organisation consists of a close group of enthusiastic students that are highly motivated to make INKOM a great success for new students every year. Without them, the INKOM cannot exist. Are you also enthusiastic about organising (big) events? Then, INKOM 2021 is looking for you! Check upon our Social Media to stay informed or contact us!


Het Landhuis

The Landhuis hosts regular activities such as Repair Cafe, Radio Timo a la carte, music, collective gardening and cooking, pizza and bread baking, pressing fruit for juice, movie screening, workshops on complementary currency, new economics and sociocracy. etc. Today it is a well visited, open living room for people interested and working on a more greener and sustainable world and personal lifestyle.

Run by locals


IFMSA-Maastricht is een studievereniging van meer dan 100 medische studenten. Door op lokaal niveau veel verschillende, interessante, leerrijke, leuke… activiteiten te organiseren, creëert IFMSA meer bewustzijn (onder de medestudenten) met betrekking tot het onderwerp ‘global health’.


Meet Maastricht

Are you new to Maastricht? Are you curious about the town and its history? Meet Maastricht will take you on a beautiful journey through time, helping you discover the town’s secrets! We organize tailor-made activities for students and other young internationals, in collaboration with experts from cultural institutions of Maastricht. We also guide you through the most interesting cultural events happening in Maastricht.


Mosa Conference

Mosa Conference is an annual international (bio)medical research conference organised for students and is being held at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) at Maastricht University. The conference offers students a platform to present their (bio)medical research to an audience and a professional jury. Furthermore, lectures and workshops are held at the conference which revolve around a yearly changing (bio)medical theme. Mosa Conference has featured many great speakers over the years.


Green Office

The Green Office is Maastricht University’s student-driven sustainability department. It coordinates and initiates ecological, social, and economic sustainability projects at Maastricht University by empowering students and staff members. The Green Office also promotes sustainability as a topic of active concern among students, staff, and faculties, and advances the process of organizational transitition towards a greener campus.



MUSST is the umbrella organisation above all Student Sports Associations in Maastricht. We are the connection between the university and the athletes, arranging for example subsidies, setting up new associations and attendance at huge sports events like the GNSK (Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap) and Batavierenrace. with 29 sports associations connected, we have a lot of different sports to offer.



Books4Life is a charity, second-hand bookshop. We sell books at reduced prices that were donated to us by various people or organizations. The profit is donated to charity organizations (Amnesty International and Oxfam).

Run by locals

United Nations Student Association

The United Nations Student Association Maastricht is an academic, not-for-profit and inter-facular student association in the heart of Maastricht. We bring the UN spirit to Maastricht and its students by serving as the platform for internationally oriented students, by providing free workshops, panel debates, lectures, career days, development-aid projects in third-world countries, our own magazine “The Diplomat” and by organizing our own Model United Nations for students, EuroMUN.


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