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MSA Nour

MSA Nour’s mission is to represent and unite all the Muslim (followers of the Islam religion) students of Maastricht. We aim to contribute to their academic and religious identity. Secondly, we aspire to form a bridge between the Muslim and non-Muslim students, to create a multicultural community where everyone feels welcome, can learn from each other and most importantly, make new friends!


Mosea Zorggroep

Match bridges the gap between students and the elderly. Participate in an array of social activitites with the elderly at elderly homes from Mosea Zorggroep. Make someone else’s day, and your own!

Run by locals

Founders Club Maastricht

Founders Club is the go-to place in Maastricht for student entrepreneurs and for young people interested in entrepreneurship. We believe that Maastricht, centered in the Euregio with neighbouring cities such as Aachen, Eindhoven and Liege is a great place for entrepreneurship to happen. Meetings are organized every Thursday at 7 pm, feel free to step by to learn, be inspired and get in contact with likeminded people.


Liter of Light

Liter of Light Netherlands is a student association that is part of a global network with the aim to provide an ecologically and economically sustainable source of light to underprivileged households that do not have access to electricity or have difficulties to afford electricity.



UAEM is an international student organization that fights the global access to medicine crisis (1/3 of all humans do not have access to essential medicine). We are trying to save lives by changing the process in which new drugs are being developed, because we think the practices in research and development of new drugs are one of the major issues causing this health crisis! Due to patents, big pharma makes billions of profit every year from millions of people dying a preventable death. Come join us to fight for this good cause and have lots of fun with our diverse and motivated team! We regularly organize or attend conferences and workshops with other chapters from all over Europe! Use your chance to travel and meet other great people that share the same vision of medicine made for people, not profits!



Circumflex was founded in 1971, which makes us the oldest student association in Maastricht. We are proud to say that’s not all: we are the biggest as well! With our beautiful monumental home called ‘De Kaap’ located in the very centre of Maastricht, there really is no reason left why you shouldn’t join us. But with only one week to get to know us, it can’t hurt to help you out. So here is what we have to offer you. Let’s go!


Maastricht Student Union

The Maastricht Student Union is an advisory council founded by Maastricht University. It intends to give a voice to the student population of Maastricht in all matters concerning student life. The union works to represent all students by working with UM and Zuyd Hogeschool, the municipality, and other third parties to ensure that students’ interests are always represented. MSU also partners with LSVb (a national student union) to ensure that Maastricht students have a voice in the national level too.


JEF Maastricht - Young European Federalists Maastricht

What we are about: Our mission is to involve this young generation in politics – more specifically in European politics. We organise educational as well as social events surrounding the topic of the European Union to provide an open space for constructive discussion and cultural exchange.
We are a nonpartisan, but yet political association active for a more social, stable, peaceful and democratic Europe. Additionally, we spark debate and promote our European values on social media and in everyday Maastricht-life.
If you want to know more about our visions, please visit our European homepage
Why you should join us: Because politics and the EU affect your everyday life. Politics is something that will determine how your and our future will look like. Further, JEF is a nice way to get involved in European politics and to meet like-minded people. And because getting to know us and possibly travelling with us through Europe and doing a lot more social activities for everyone is just a lot of fun.


SCOPE | Vectum

SCOPE | Vectum is the study association for all students of Econometrics and Operations Research at the Maastricht University. Throughout the year SCOPE | Vectum organizes a broad range of activities. The range of activities covers social events, such as drinks, sports events and a Members Weekend, as well as academic and career-related events. Examples of the latter would be regular research lectures, the Vectum Congress or the Vectum Business Trip. We also have our own magazine, the PerVectum, which is published quarterly.


University Orchestra

Composed of around 60 diverse musicians, we are a full symphonic orchestra that has been under the baton of Raymond Spons since 2005. Our repertoire is always suitable for an amateur level, and at least two concerts are given every year. We are keen on meeting any interested players, so don’t hesitate to follow our social media pages for details about future open rehearsals, concerts, and events!


“If we all follow up the measures, we will not only have an amazing INKOM week and a fantastic start of the academic year, but we will also be considerate towards ourselves, future students of Maastricht, and vulnerable people around us.”

That is the message of the Maastricht Student Associations addressed to all students in Maastricht. Read the full letter here:

Maastricht has a lot to offer besides your studies. In this section you can find activities, initiatives and organisations in which you can get involved. You can search for organizations by using tags such as ‘socializing’, ‘sustainability’ or ‘study’ for organisations related to these tags. Go explore and get involved!

The Community overview is established in collaboration with Match. At Match we believe in the power of social involvement and engagement. By volunteering during your studies, you are able to develop social and professional skills and put what you have learned to practice in real-life situations.

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