Financial support

There are multiple types of financial support that students might be eligible for, like rental subsidies and help paying for health insurance. However, the vast majority of these benefits are only available to students from the EU. Students from outside the EU are not eligible.

Even if you are eligible, it is rare that the financial support will completely fund your time in the Netherlands. As a result it is important to make sure that you have enough savings or a job which can provide you with the necessary income.

Only students who are eligible for full Dutch study finance (“Studiefinance“) will be able to get the maximum support from the government. This can be between 800-900 euros a month. Studiefinance comes in the form of a loan that you must pay back after you have completed your studies. However, if you’re not Dutch, you need to work 56 hours a month to be eligible.

For most other subsidies these conditions do not apply. Neither the health insurance subsidy or the rental subsidy (the two most common applications for students) need you to be working 56 hours a month.

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