We strongly advise you not to come to Maastricht if you have not found housing in or around the city before the academic year begins. 

Here you can find the most important things you should know about housing when living and studying in the Netherlands.

You must deregister from the municipality when you move away from Maastricht! This ensures that for example your mail will not be delivered to your old address.

Is there a housing shortage in Maastricht?

It is important to note that the housing market in Maastricht is extremely busy, particularly in the period between July and September. Due to this, we cannot emphasise enough that students should start their accommodation search early. This means that those beginning their studies in the fall semester should begin to think about their housing situation, informing themselves and checking out their options already in April. For those beginning their studies in the spring semester, your house search start date should be in November.

Check out this video to learn more about housing in the Netherlands!

This section is essential in the process. We’ll answer the most relevant questions and address the most important issues, such as:

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