All students in Maastricht can sign up to UM SPORTS, which is the sports facility of the University. Being a member entitles you to join their group classes, activities, and group-workouts, which are all provided in English and Dutch! For those who prefer going to the gym, UM SPORTS has a big modern gym equipped with a variety of machines, free-weights, and other equipment. Look at the different membership options here and check out all the activities UM SPORTS members can participate in.

If you are looking for a little more commitment, you can join in on sports and activities run by the student sport associations. These official SSA’s give you the opportunity to play your favorite sports in teams, and proudly represent the University in different tournaments and competitions.

To make things easier for you we have attached a ‘price tag’ to each sport featured on our page. The sports that have the tag ‘UM SPORTS’ are free if you have a UM SPORTS subscription. Those tagged as ‘Student Sport Association’ require a UM SPORTS subscription plus a monthly or yearly membership fee. The remaining sports tagged with ‘costs involved’ are activities offered by external partners, which require you to pay fees without UM being involved or contributing at any point.

In our sport list:

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Are you keen to experience the fastest game on two feet? Do you feel eager to participate in motivated practices and win spectacular tournaments against other teams? Would you like to combine sport and tempting social activities within an international community? Then the Maastricht Lacrosse team is ready for you!

Student Sports Associations


Maastricht University’s Karate student association.

Student Sports Associations


The Maastrichtse Rugby Grieten, also known as Ma.R.Grieten, are a Maastricht-based womens rugby team. They are part of MMRC, Maastricht Maraboe Rugby Combinatie, which is a rugby club for young and old.

Student Sports Associations

Yamamoto Maastricht

Are you looking for a sporty challenge? Are you tired of going to the gym and looking for another way of exercising which allows you to train strength and stay in shape? Do you want to enlarge your defensibility and walk the streets more confidently, be more assertive and know how to use self-defense techniques when it’s necessary? Are you looking for a combat sport or looking for a combination between Judo, Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Or regretting that you stopped and never obtained a black belt? If you can answer one of these questions with ‘yes’ then you should definitely contact us, and watch or participate in our training. The first three lessons are for free.

Costs involved


Aside from floorball (unihockey) being kick ass, it is not just the sport that our members are attracted to here in Maastricht . It is also a place where you can meet both the ‘indigenous people’ and other international students which results in a fun and open group!

Student Sports Associations


Boxing is a game of attack and defence; an excellent physical and mental training. The lessons are offered in a playful way and are suitable for everyone. The training is often in pairs, so it might be fun to sign up with a friend.

Costs involved

Akbaba Gym

Feel good, feel strong, feel confident, feel fit and feel welcome at Akbaba Gym, the sports centre of Maastricht. Challenge yourself at the versatile gym, where you can take lessons in traditional boxing, Muay Thai/kickboxing, Krav Maga, self-defence and MMA Freefight. Whether you’re a professional who competes in matches or an enthusiastic amateur, this is the gym of champions, for champions.

Costs involved


Capoeira is a Brazilian fighting game, combining music, dance and acrobatic movements, accompanied by traditional Capoeira music. Capoeira has two styles, the Capoeira Angola, the traditional style, and the Capoeira Regional, the modern style.

Costs involved

Spring Pilates BodyMindTraining

Pilates with a twist: 3dBody is contemporary Pilates based on classical Pilates principles, focussing on 3-dimensional, fluid rotational and circular movement. The exercises are designed to liberate your neck, back and shoulders. Spring Pilates promotes upright posture, flexible spine, moving with awareness. max. of 10 participants. First lesson for free. Challenging, relaxing, energizing…Try it!

Costs involved

Aikidoschool Aikikaz

Do you want to do a martial art with effectiviness and no violence? Then you are at the right adress! Aikido is a Japanese martial art through which the body and mind will become one. Aikido is a self-defense martial art on a friendly / non ego base and easy accessible level. Aikido can reduce stress levels and makes your body stronger and flexible.

Costs involved

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