All students in Maastricht can sign up to UM SPORTS, which is the sports facility of the University. Being a member entitles you to join their group classes, activities, and group-workouts, which are all provided in English and Dutch! For those who prefer going to the gym, UM SPORTS has a big modern gym equipped with a variety of machines, free-weights, and other equipment. Look at the different membership options here and check out all the activities UM SPORTS members can participate in.

If you are looking for a little more commitment, you can join in on sports and activities run by the student sport associations. These official SSA’s give you the opportunity to play your favorite sports in teams, and proudly represent the University in different tournaments and competitions.

To make things easier for you we have attached a ‘price tag’ to each sport featured on our page. The sports that have the tag ‘UM SPORTS’ are free if you have a UM SPORTS subscription. Those tagged as ‘Student Sport Association’ require a UM SPORTS subscription plus a monthly or yearly membership fee. The remaining sports tagged with ‘costs involved’ are activities offered by external partners, which require you to pay fees without UM being involved or contributing at any point.

In our sport list:

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Akbaba Gym

Feel good, feel strong, feel confident, feel fit and feel welcome at Akbaba Gym, the sports centre of Maastricht. Challenge yourself at the versatile gym, where you can take lessons in traditional boxing, Muay Thai/kickboxing, Krav Maga, self-defence and MMA Freefight. Whether you’re a professional who competes in matches or an enthusiastic amateur, this is the gym of champions, for champions.

Costs involved

Workout mix

You will train your entire body during the Workout Mix class. The classes vary per week depending on the sports instructor. Workout Mix consists of elements from other group classes, like Powerkick, ClubPower, Super HIIT and strengthening exercises. Because of the great variety within Workout Mix, no class will be the same. It is a complete and varied workout: high and low intensity is alternated and you’ll work on strength, flexibility, conditioning and fat burning. Additional materials are used, like resistance tubes, dumbbells and/or steps to add an extra dimension to the workout, which means Workout Mix is powerful, intensive and effective!


MSZV Tiburon

M.S.Z.V. Tiburón is the student swim team of Maastricht! By joining our various activities, Tiburón members make the most of their student time while practicing one of the healthiest sports out there! We offer three practices a week. We have different lanes for all swimming levels, so you will always be able to enjoy practice at your own pace. Next to practices, Tiburón competes against the other student swimming associations in the Netherlands during 4 fun competition weekends. As a member, you even have the opportunity to join the official Dutch Student Championship of swimming! These competitions are for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a pro swimmer.

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Power kick is a powerful and energetic training program consisting easy of high/low impact aerobic, combined with kicks and jabs from Tae Bo, boxing and karate. During the Powerkick class tracks with (fast) combinations will be alternated with tracks where we focus on powerful exercises.


CrossFit Batteraof Maastricht

The Trainers at CrossFit Batteraof are committed to give you the best personal guidance. We will provide you the coachingneeded to perform all the CrossFit movements safely and effectively. We will carefully instruct and monitor you going through the movements. But we will also encourage you to try new things, get out of your comfort zone and break PR’s.

Costs involved


Student Sports Associations

Hip Hop

Female hiphop is a way of hiphop which emphasizes showing attitude, hiphop foundations added with feminine and sexy movements. During this course you will learn the foundations of hiphop and work on specific techniques like voguing and wacking for several weeks. In addition a choreography will be the basis of the class, on which you work and improve every week. At the end of the course this dance will be filmed! With female hiphop you can think about Beyoncé, Ciara and Missy Elliot. It is a combination of hiphop movements with a feminine touch. Are you interested and would you like to work an a cool choreography and dance like Beyoncé? Register now!

Costs involved


Here at Cactus we try to introduce people to the world of Spikeball, a sport that is relatively new but that has an enormous growth potential. As it is still evolving, you might even have a move named after you in the future! The game is played 2vs2 and mixes volleyball and badminton to create a sport that is even more fun! It’s open for everyone from beginners to experts as we have a variety of levels at our association.

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il fiore healthcenters (Mariaberg)

24 hours a day, 7 days a week unlimited sports

Costs involved


MSAV Uros is the student athletics association in Maastricht. We are a big green family and we all like to run, jump or throw! Next to our weekly practices, we join competitions, organize parties and a lot of fun activities! Besides the activities, there are several NSK’s (Dutch Student Championships), during which we compete against all other student athletics association in the country! Members of Uros are a diverse group of students, of which some are competitive and competition-driven, while others just like to have fun and train together!

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