Housing expenses

In this section we provide you with all kinds of information regarding regular housing expenses. This includes monthly bills such as rent, utilities or service costs, as well as other expenses like trash disposal or doing laundry.


We would say that the average monthly rent for students in Maastricht is around EUR 550. This, however, does not mean that it isn’t possible to find cheaper accommodation. Technically, you can find a place for as low as EUR 350 – some find even cheaper accommodation, but you have to be quite lucky. You must also take into account that cheaper accommodation may be further from the city centre, may not be furnished, or may not include the price of gas, water, electricity costs, etc. This is something that we always ask students to look out for when finding accommodation.

A very important factor when finding cheap and good accommodation is how early you start looking. New students should know that there is a housing crisis in the Netherlands, and the best and cheapest rooms go fast. Our recommendation is that students starting their studies in the September semester begin searching for accommodation as early as April. You can find more tips and information on this topic in our room search section.


Your accommodation will also require utilities like gas, water and electricity, as well as other expenditures like an internet service. Often, utilities are included in the rent price, with landlords being responsible for the provision of such services. For those paying an exclusive rental price, it is common for gas, water and electricity to already be connected, simply requiring the new tenant to contact the supplier and transfer their details. The most important thing is to check which utilities are included in the price and which utilities you must pay yourself before you begin to rent your room. If you do have to take care of these expenses yourself, you can expect to pay around EUR 150 a month in utilities. Bear in mind that this may be higher in winter if you use the room’s heating system.

Once you have found the right room for you, you will eventually sign a lease contract. The lease should clearly differentiate between the basic rent (kale huur) and the service costs (service kosten). If this differentiation is not clear and one unspecified sum is mentioned, the lease is considered an “all in” contract. These contracts are not legal and the rent can therefore be significantly lowered.

Below you can find more information about the basic rent and service costs.

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