housing expenses

In this Regular Expenses section we provide you with all kinds of information regarding regular housing expenses. This includes monthly bills such as rent, utilities or service costs, as well as other expenses like trash disposal or doing laundry.

Your accommodation will also require utilities like water, electricity and gas; as well as other expenditures like an internet service. Often, utilities are included in the price of the rent, with landlords being responsible for the provision of basic services. For those paying an exclusive rental price, it is common for gas, water and electricity to already be connected, simply requiring the new tenant to contact the supplier and transfer their details. The most important thing is to check which utilities are included in the price and which utilities you must pay yourself before you begin to rent your room.

Once you have found the right room for you, you will eventually sign a lease contract. The lease should clearly differentiate between the basic rent (kale huur) and the service costs (service kosten). If this differentiation is not clear and one unspecified sum is mentioned, the lease is considered an “all in” contract. These contracts are not legal and the rent can therefore be significantly lowered.

Below you can find more information about the basic rent and service costs.

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