Our Story

Mymaastricht.nl is the one-stop information platform to help international students find their way in the city. We reach students via our website, blog and social media, as well as running workshops during the University open days. Our content is all in English and covers Health, Transport, Housing and Finances as well as Sports, Media and Community in Maastricht. We work with the University and the Gemeente to help give students the best start to their life in the city.  

The mymaastricht.nl project is a student-run initiative part of the Student & City (StudentenStad) working group, a collaborative project between Maastricht University, Gemeente Maastricht and ZUYD University of Applied Sciences. It originated from early 2014 when representatives of the municipality and Maastricht’s educational institutions noticed a lack in information being provided to their (international) student population. In August 2014 the project was picked up by a project team consisting of students from ZUYD and UM under coordination of an UM employee. The project was launched in late 2014 and has since undergone constant development. We collaborate with a plethora of local organisations to ensure the highest quality of content and present a complete overview of what the city of Maastricht has to offer. On March 3rd 2015 the mymaastricht.nl project officially registered as a ‘Stichting’, or foundation.

Representatives of all three stakeholders form the project’s ‘Bestuur’, or board, which oversees the activities of our foundation. The operational aspects of the website are coordinated by an employee of Maastricht University and executed by a team of two students. To find out more about who is involved in the project and what their individual responsibilities are you can consult our ‘who is mymaastricht’-section

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