Course: Olympic Weightlifting level 1

Membership: Gym / All-in-one Description: Olympic Lifts are demanding for the entire body and it involves training several aspects at the same time, such as mobility, technique, motor control, balance, strength, explosiveness, power etc. Want to become a fitter you and master some awesome new skills in the gym? See you soon!​ Level 1: This 8-week course provides a “Start to” Olympic Weightlifting, either as a sport or as an addition to other training, and contains both theoretical and practical components in order to help you understand and master technical exercises such as a Snatch or Clean & Jerk. Olympic weightlifting is for everyone, male or female, and so it this course! We will start at the base and progress in a way that is interactive, personal and fun. In Level 2 we build on the techniques learnt in level 1 by following a Olympic Weightlifting training program. With this program you train once a week with the instructor and 1-2 times on your own. During the course you will get feedback on your technique without going over the basics of the lifts again. Therefore, it is required that you follow level 1 before signing up for level 2. All participants of the course are required to be present during the first class of the course. In case of an insufficient number of applications, the course can be cancelled. Costs: - Cat. 1 (UM students): €40,- - Cat. 2 (UM employees ): €48,- - Cat. 3 (UM relations): €64,- - Cat. 4 (External members): €80,-
Course: Olympic Weightlifting level 1
Tuesday 28 February 2023 at 18:30
Maastricht, Netherlands
Hosted by:UM SPORTS

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