Campus Cupid: Offer a Date

Hey there!❤️ Are you looking to meet new people at your university? Do you want to find someone to spend Valentine's Day with? Or simply want to win amazing prizes? Then Uni-Life's Campus Cupid Date Offering is for you!🔥 Use the link below to offer your (friendly) date to make friends or find a Valentine!🌹 You simply need to enter some details and describe who you want to meet. Do not worry, the form is anonymous (unless you want to leave your name) - it will be published for students of your university to see, so they could contact you in case they are interested. People who complete this form and offer a date are eligible for a giveaway to win 35 euros worth Pazze e Pizze vouchers (x5) and tickets for 2 for a VR escape room (x5). But do not forget to join the Campus Cupid 2024 community to indicate your interest in the giveaway and discover the winners (which happens on February 21st)!🎉 This event is only live for a week as part of the Valentine's Day campaign. For more information or any question, please reach out via Instagram (@uni_life_app).
Campus Cupid: Offer a Date
Monday 19 February 2024 at 07:00
Hosted by:Uni-Life

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