Maastricht has a lot to offer besides your studies. In this section you can find activities, initiatives and organisations in which you can get involved. You can search for organizations by using tags such as ‘socializing’, ‘sustainability’ or ‘study’ for organisations related to these tags. Go explore and get involved!

The Community overview is established in collaboration with Match. At Match we believe in the power of social involvement and engagement. By volunteering during your studies, you are able to develop social and professional skills and put what you have learned to practice in real-life situations.

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University Orchestra

Composed of around 60 diverse musicians, we are a full symphonic orchestra that has been under the baton of Raymond Spons since 2005. Our repertoire is always suitable for an amateur level, and at least two concerts are given every year. We are keen on meeting any interested players, so don’t hesitate to follow our social media pages for details about future open rehearsals, concerts, and events!


JFV Ouranos is de grootste vereniging verbonden aan onze faculteit. Wij zijn een vereniging van rechtenstudenten met veel diverse activiteiten, waaronder de door ons georganiseerde boekenbalies, lezingen, feesten en de Law Student Intro.

Tools Maastricht

Tools Maastricht is a community organization working to develop/operate a Community Fabrication and Maintenance Center for the people of South Limburg. At the TOOLS fabrication centre, you will be able to access tools and machinery that are often too expensive to acquire and operate alone. We aim to facilitate both individual and community-based creation.

Lux ad Mosam

Lux ad Mosam is a group of Maastricht students joined in an association. Our activities are mainly social, but we also try to develop a broader perspective on society, culture and academics through our activities. All of our members are in some way interested in christianity – either as a believing christian or just as someone who just wants to know more about it.

FIRST Maastricht

FIRST Maastricht ontfermt zich over de fiscale student in Maastricht en kan veel voor de fiscale student betekenen tijdens en na de studie. Zij brengt de student in contact met het bedrijfsleven waar de fiscale student na het afstuderen terecht zal komen. Dit doet zij door middel van het organiseren van bepaalde activiteiten, waaronder een bedrijvendag, een symposium en kantoorbezoeken.


UAEM is an international student organization that fights the global access to medicine crisis (1/3 of all humans do not have access to essential medicine). We are trying to save lives by changing the process in which new drugs are being developed, because we think the practices in research and development of new drugs are one of the major issues causing this health crisis! Due to patents, big pharma makes billions of profit every year from millions of people dying a preventable death. Come join us to fight for this good cause and have lots of fun with our diverse and motivated team! We regularly organize or attend conferences and workshops with other chapters from all over Europe! Use your chance to travel and meet other great people that share the same vision of medicine made for people, not profits!


The goal for Conn@ct.us is it that students teach seniors how to use their electronic devices. The project takes place in cooperation with Trajekt which is a “well-being” organisation with similar goals like those of Enactus.

no address available


GECCO is your Universalis Sustainability Committee at University College Maastricht. We provide you with green solutions to everyday University Problems!

AIESEC Maastricht

AIESEC is the largest youth-run NGO worldwide working closely with the UN to act upon the sustainable development goals. Our mission is to develop future entrepreneurial leaders by placing students in challenging environments where they can develop personally and professionally. Students go through our leadership development model by going on cross cultural exchanges such as voluntary projects and internships in collaboration with NGOs, companies and the local AIESEC offices abroad or by engaging within our local board in Maastricht.

Scope-Focus (SBE)

SCOPE|FOCUS is the official financial study association of Maastricht University for students interested in finance, accountancy and controlling


In 2012 Maastricht-LAB was established by the Municipality of Maastricht to give an impulse to urban (re-)development in Maastricht. Reason is that existing structures and instruments for urban challenges do not suffice in the current social-economic context. Recent trends show that Maastricht is dealing with an economic decline and demographic stabilization. Also, local citizens and organizations are more and more interested in to influencing urban development processes. Maastricht-LAB is the tool for the city to stimulate the quest for new ways of urban development.

Swap, Shop & Go Events (SS&G)

Swap, Shop & Go Events (SS&G) host sustainable, social and fun fashion markets, flea-markets and swap shops around Maastricht.

no address available

Maastricht Goes Vegan

Maastricht Goes Vegan is a weekly community activity at the Landhuis for all those interested in learning how to cook delicious vegan food.

LGBT Student Community Maastricht

The LGBT Maastricht foundation is a community for LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Intersex ) students who live/study in Maastricht. Our team coordinates various social events (lunches, movie nights, bar nights, trips, parties, sport events), a mentoring program for new students and other activities.

Leger des Heils

Through Match students cook once every two weeks at a Leger des Heils (Salvation army) Location. Contact Match for more info!

no address available

Smile to the Future

Smile To The Future is an organization that offers young people the opportunity to get involved in development projects. In this context Smile To The Future regularly organises activities and humanitarian trips in different countries.

no address available

University Choir

The Maastricht University choir (founded 1977) counts approximately 90 members; a diverse and international group consisting of students, non-students and academics. Since 1995, the choir is directed by Wim Vluggen. The choir sings and performs a broad repertoire from classical and contemporary to folkloric and modern music, trying also to find pieces that are not (yet) famous. The recent major projects were The armed man by Karl Jenkins and Mozart’s Requiem. We are an open-minded, sociable group, and we enjoy bringing music to people also in informal events such as singing for charity or Christmas caroling and we also travel to perform abroad.

Maastricht disrupt

Students and professionals need new ways of solving problems to become flexible creators and doers to keep up with the pace of the changing and complex environment. Maastricht Disrupt serves as a hub for critical thinking, human-centered design and interdisciplinarity to exchange visions, ideas and knowledge. An Annual Conference about Design Thinking will empower attendees with tools to creatively address and solve complex challenges by embracing the exchange of knowledge in a multidisciplinary environment.


DOPE stands for Deskunding Ongebonden Pragmatische Eenheid, which is translated into Knowledgeable Independent Pragmatic Unit. With more than 20 years of experience in student representation, DOPE has always strived to act in the best interests of the students of Maastricht University, and still plans to do so in the future. We are the connection between students and staff, and make sure concerns are voiced and acted upon.

no address available

International Student Network

ISN Maastricht (International Student Network) is part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), which is the biggest non-profit student organisation in Europe. Our goal is to represent International students and to make sure they have a great experience in Maastricht. We organise a lot of different activities: parties, trips, social events and much more!


CODE043 is a youth organisation and foundation. We enable young adults and students who have great ideas and concepts to realise them. Everyone between the ages of 12 and 25 with affinity for Maastricht can submit their plans, and we will provide guidance if need be.

Students for Justice in Palestine - Maastricht

Maastricht students in promotion of freedom, equality, justice and peace for Palestinians.

no address available

Studium Generale

We offer a programme of lectures, debates, lecture series and the PAS-festival.

The artists and the others

The Artist and the Others is a foundation which supports young creatives at the beginning of their career by organising projects for and with them. Its an initiative based on the importance of arts for our society and the benefit of shared knowledge. The foundation, initiated in 2013, supports young artists and cultural professionals during their career in the cultural field.

We Festival

The WE Festival is an annual, non-profit festival, which is organized by volunteers in and around Maastricht. Our ambition is to involve as many diverse people and organizations as possible in order to fill the gap between academic theory and practical action. Our aim is to actively shape the student and cultural life in Maastricht.

no address available


Maastricht Students For Liberty (MSFL) is a non-profit student organization with the goal to promote economic, personal and academic freedom. MSFL is a forum for intellectual debate about the ideas of liberty, promoting classical liberalism by encouraging local organization and regional networking of consciously liberty-dedicated personalities, mutual support, argumentation proficiency and forming a sense of community.

SV Amphitryon

Student Association Amphitryon, allianced with the Hotel Management School Maastricht. Since 1951 SA Amphitryon provides added value for any Hotello. It’s the largest and oldest student association of Maastricht. By maintaining a private club bar, organizing large and small events and by being a home for a wide variety of groupings, SA Amphitryon forms her members in professional, social and educational ways. This makes her an added value for the study and an important basis for personal and professional network during a career of an alumni.


EUnitas is the study association for European Public Health students at Maastricht University. We were founded in 2009, when the study itself also began at the university. As study association we try to bond students outside of university settings by organizing parties or get togethers. Amongst the fun activities, we also have a serious side. We are frequently in touch with the module coordinators for example and organize statistics tutorings for the trajectory test at the end of each semester.

Love Foundation Maastricht

We are an open network of students and artists creating cultural events to raise money for water development projects – www.love-foundation.org

International Classroom

The international Classroom project allows students to take on a role as tutor or support the teacher during classes of the subject EIS (European and International Studies, a mix of political science, law and sociology). The pupils (aged 15-17) of the bilingual (NL+ ENG) classes work in groups of 4-6 pupils in a pre-PBL approach using SCRUM. The groups are tasked with answering questions about themes such as Humanities, Economics, Politics, Ethics and Environment & Technology. A part of a class will be dedicated to let students talk about their background and what path you choose to end up studying here in Maastricht. This allows for a conversation about different backgrounds and prejudices people have.


At the central location of Sphinxkwartier, Kaleido offers Maastricht’s internationally-minded students a “place to be” where they can hang out, exchange thoughts and ideas with others, study and party. At Kaleido everyone is welcome, no matter what you’re studying, which clothes you’re wearing, what music you listen to, if you’re vegan or a meat-lover.

no address available

MSV Pulse

MSV Pulse is the Study Association for Medical students at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University. We were founded in 2007 and are so the youngest Medical Study Association of The Netherlands. Our main goal is to make the student life for medical students easier and more fun. An example is the discount we give our members on books and provide them other study materials. We also organize a lot of educational and fun activities throughout the year so the medical students enjoy their time in Maastricht the best.

SBE students for Pluralism in Economics

We are a newly formed student initiative which aims to foster debate about different economic schools of thoughts.

no address available

Stichting MARA

Stichting Mara is een non-profit organisatie die wordt bestuurd door studenten in heel Nederland. Wij bieden met onze stichting hulp aan door oorlog getroffen gebieden in de Balkan landen. Nog altijd ondervinden mensen veel problematiek in het leiden van hun leven dankzij de oorlog in voormalig Joegoslavië. Mensen leven in erbarmelijke omstandigheden en worden onvoldoende gesteund door de overheden. Dit is waar Stichting Mara bijspringt.

no address available

Serve the city Maastricht

Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers, showing kindness in practical ways to people in need. We partner with local non-profit associations that are serving people in need and create meaningful opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Serve the City creates events that mobilize many volunteers to serve in simple ways – sports, music, arts and crafts, meals, friendship and more. We are the connection between the good intentions and talents of people who can volunteer and a meaningful opportunity to get involved.

no address available


Let’s change to the better because we can! United, transparent and direct by using our possibilities as the online generation. Mission: To get attention in (uni)politics for students ideas and opinions.

no address available


AEGEE-Maastricht is a European student association, focused on cultural integration and exchange. AEGEE is open to students from all faculties and disciplines and you will be able to enjoy a relaxed, open and international atmosphere. As a member of AEGEE-Maastricht you will have an amazing time, meet new people and travel across Europe.

M.S.V. Tragos

M.S.V. Tragos is the leading, most traditional student association of Maastricht. Tragos is known as the most accesible and valued association of Maastricht. Interested? Visit us during the INKOM!


Enactus Maastricht is an association focused on developing social entrepreneurship projects in the vicinity of Maastricht. Enactus Maastricht is an association focused on developing projects based on social entrepreneurship in the vicinity of Maastricht. Enactus is an international non-profit organization that collaborates with world leaders, higher education, and entrepreneurs to activate students to make a sustainable impact in the community. Along with this, it gives students from all academic backgrounds the ability to develop their entrepreneurial skills to become socially responsible (business) leaders, who want to contribute to a more sustainable world.

no address available

Young Office

YOUNG OFFICE is the youth department of the Bonnefantenmuseum. Together they keep an eye on the organisation of the museum and turn the museum into a lively spot for young art lovers to meet by organising various events and activities.

SCOPE | Maastricht

SCOPE Maastricht is a Study Association at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University. In order to meet the interests and needs of the various study programmes and tracks, former study associations EFM Academy and FAME Cooperation merged in 2011 to create SCOPE Maastricht – the umbrella organization for the specialized study associations SCOPE | 3MA, SCOPE | Economics, SCOPE | FOCUS and SCOPE | Vectum. SCOPE Maastricht represents an impressive number of more than 3000 members – bachelor as well as master students and is therefore the biggest Study Association in Maastricht!

Alles is Drama

Alles Is Drama is one of the biggest and most fun student theatre association in the Netherlands. Every year we organize three productions and many different courses (at least half in English). Although we are an amateur theater association, we only work with professional directors. Our members act and participate in courses, but also work hard together behind the scenes. We frequently organize many fun activities, including the monthly theme parties, Weekend Away’s, Cantus and many other activities! Make sure to also check out our youtube channel “Alles is Drama”!


NovUM is a student representation party that puts students in both the University Council and Faculty Councils. These are the representative bodies within the University consisting of staff and students. In these Councils, NovUM will represent your interests and will put forward your problems and ideas to make studying at our university even better! Our party’s vision is based on four pillars:
Sustainability; Integration; Quality of education & Accessibility
If you want to be involved in university life and meet enthusiastic people from different backgrounds, come join us.

Mosa Conference

Mosa Conference is an annual international (bio)medical research conference organised for students and is being held at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) at Maastricht University. The conference offers students a platform to present their (bio)medical research to an audience and a professional jury. Furthermore, lectures and workshops are held at the conference which revolve around a yearly changing (bio)medical theme. Mosa Conference has featured many great speakers over the years.

Refugee Project Maastricht

The Refugee Project Maastricht was called to life in February of 2015 with the vision of building bridges between the newcomers from war-threatened countries, the students and the Maastricht locals. Our aim is to connect students and locals of Maastricht with the asylum seekers on a level where they can meet, connect, become friends and get to know the structures, habits and belief systems of each other.


An international documentary festival taking place at the end of September every year.

no address available

UM Language Center

Our languages, your choice! You can join all sorts of interesting courses at the Language Centre, from Cambridge English to Basic Dutch and from Spanish to Effective Presentation Skills. All language courses are offered at different levels. For 1st year UM bachelor’s and master’s students the B@sic Dutch courses are free of charge!

UNICEF Studenteam Maastricht

The biggest of 16 UNICEF teams in the Netherlands! Our mission is to give students the opportunity and platform to make a difference in areas they are passionate about. Our main focus is on children’s rights including education, nutrition, water, sexual health and young mothers. We organise awareness and fundraising events for multiple UNICEF projects during the year. Become a spokesperson for the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund!

no address available

Monkey Tree Maastricht

MonkeyTree is all about empowerment and giving people the tools to stand for what they belief in, become part of their community and actively strive for the positive changes they want to see in this world by inspiring the individual through several Impact Ideation Workshops, Inspiration Sessions, etc.

no address available


An independent non-profit magazine of the Maastricht FaSoS faculty with an interdisciplinary mixture of theme related and submitted articles on culture.


Since 1971 Studentenvereniging Circumflex is an innovative and crucial element in our student city. Its the oldest traditional student association in Maastricht and since 2008 located in Sociëteit de Kaap, which forms an epicenter for all its members where they can eat, assemble, have a drink and study in specially arranged study rooms. Throughout the years Circumflex contributed a lot to the student life in Maastricht. At Circumflex you make lifelong friends and experience events which will stay with you forever!

Maastricht Consulting Club

Maastricht Consulting Club brings together Maastricht University students who are interested in advancing their career in the consulting industry.

no address available


Stukafest is an awesome opportunity to enjoy a cultural evening in an intimate setting. A smashing performance next to beer crates and textbooks, a literary recitation underneath a loft bed or a comedian at the dining table. It’s all possible during Stukafest!

no address available


IFMSA-Maastricht is een studievereniging van meer dan 100 medische studenten. Door op lokaal niveau veel verschillende, interessante, leerrijke, leuke… activiteiten te organiseren, creëert IFMSA meer bewustzijn (onder de medestudenten) met betrekking tot het onderwerp ‘global health’.

Student Project Team

Since September 2013, the Maastricht University Student Project Team (SPT) fulfills an operational role to build a bridge between all students and the management of UM. We achieve this by implementing student-related projects at the UM and by providing feedback and new ideas to projects of the central management from a student perspective. We involve students in matters that are UM-wide or UM-related. In this way, the SPT assists UM in its mission to become a truly student-centered university.

European Studies Organisation Maastricht

ESA Maastricht is a study association for the students of FASoS. We offer both academic and social activities to ensure students get the most out of their time during their studies. Through three committees: Education, Social Events, and Excursions we provide our students with everything from exam crash courses to memorable events!

MSV Incognito

MSV Incognito is the study association of the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering


MUSTANGH is a foundation managed by students, who try to create a win-win situation between Maastricht University and a rural hospital in Ghana, the West Gonja Hospital. They try to achieve this by sending material and financial support on the one hand, and expand knowledge by education and providing internships on the other hand. MUSTANGH is always looking for help, so if you are interested or if you want to know more about us, just take a look at our website!

Liter of Light

Liter of Light Netherlands is a student association that is part of a global network with the aim to provide an ecologically and economically sustainable source of light to underprivileged households that do not have access to electricity or have difficulties to afford electricity.

Green Office Maastricht

Green Office is shaping a green future for Maastricht University

The InnBetween

The InnBetween is an open student community that comes together to have meaningful experiences. We organize events focused on the things we are passionate about and are driven by spirituality. What do we love? To challenge and inspire you to find true meaning in all your endeavours!

Toastmasters Maastricht

we are committed to helping each other overcome one of the top fears shared by every human: public speaking. Toastmasters believes in cultivating a friendly learning environment that helps people to develop their communication and leadership skills.

Tuna Universitaria de Maastricht

The Tuna de Maastricht is a student association that plays traditional Spanish music. We rehearse, perform and travel around the world. Join or book us!

no address available

Rhetorica Debating Society

We are one of the most successful debating societies in the Netherlands. With two sessions a week at 18:30, training from experienced coaches and monthly national and international tournaments we’re the perfect place to get smart, fast.

no address available

Maastrichtse Studenten Raad

The Maastrichtse Studentenraad (Maastricht Student Council) is an advisory council founded by Maastricht University. It intends to give voice to the student population of Maastricht as well as possible. For that reason, the council seeks to have a diverse composition of representing students. The MSR represents both Dutch and international students and provides advice on student-related issues to the municipality, the university and other parties. The MSR focuses, but does not limit itself to, subjects concerning ‘Student & City’.


We are Orakel, the study association for Arts and Culture & Cultuurwetenschappen. We work hard to make the lives of Arts and Culture students more enjoyable! We do this through social events and parties, trips and visits, and by organising revision groups and lectures. We offer discounts on all of our activities, exclusive to our members!


ELSA Maastricht is a law students association for all law students at Maastricht University. Each year we organize interesting events that give law students the opportunity to experience their field of studies from a different perspective. This year, we will also host the regional round of the ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law 2011-2012!


AIESEC is an organisation that facilitates the development of leadership through exchanges. Being the largest youth-run non-governmental organisation, AIESEC enables students to become the very best version of themselves. By taking part in extracurricular opportunities such as voluntary projects, internships or a board year you do not only develop yourself, but also contribute to a better world, because everything AIESEC does is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. Are you ready for your next challenge? Send an e-mail!

Scope-Economics (SBE)

SCOPE | Economics is an official study association of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics.


The Maastricht Lab is by and for Maastricht. By people with ideras who want to contribute to the city.


Muziekgieterij is the pop stage in Maastricht and is looking for volunteers for Horeca, service desk, backstage, decoration, kitchen and promotion.


Luna-tik is the Faculty Association of Psychology and Neuroscience which organizes a variety of activities, from lectures, career workshops and daytrips, to barbecues, quizzes and parties. All of this to meet fellow students, gain experience and enjoy your time at UM. You become a member for all your years at UM. This is profitable in no time because of all the discounts on our activities and books. We also sell the books and manuals for the courses. You can decide to only enjoy discounts or to join activities or even to organize something amazing with a team in a committee.

JEF Maastricht

Join the Young European Federalists (JEF) Maastricht and get active for Europe! We strive for a democratic and united Europe!

no address available


The Landhuis hosts regular activities such as Repair Cafe, Radio Timo a la carte, music, collective gardening and cooking, pizza and bread baking, pressing fruit for juice, movie screening, workshops on complementary currency, new economics and sociocracy. etc. Today it is a well visited, open living room for people interested and working on a more greener and sustainable world and personal lifestyle.

Maastricht Academy

Maastricht Academy has been established by University of Maastricht (UM) students who aim at helping other students improve their analytical skills by sharing their knowledge and experience.

SV Koko

SV KoKo is a large, non-traditional association which has no hazing and highly values equality of its members. SV KoKo is characterized by a huge variety of members. This diversity and equality can be found in all aspects of our association. Our activities range from sports and culture to drinks and parties.

Turkish Student Association Maastricht

Welcome to Turkish Student Association at Maastricht University, a common ground for anyone who is interested in Turkish culture.

no address available

JEF Maastricht - Young European Federalists Maastricht

JEF Maastricht is a founding section of JEF Nederland, youth organisation for UEF (Union of European Federalists). We are a small team that organises lectures and events commenting on politics and we cooperate with other organisations like AEGEE & AISEEC. We share the vision of a United Europe and promote this idea in Maastricht, the heart and birthplace of the EU. We focus on civic and political education of young people as well as spreading awareness of difficult subjects. We are present in Maastricht since 2011. 🙂

no address available

MSV Santé

MSV Santé is an independent study association for Health Sciences students at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences – Maastricht University. MSV Santé organizes both educational as informal activities in and around Maastricht. A membership of the association offers benefits, such as discounts on books.

Wind orchestra 'Heer Vooruit'

Played a woodwind or brass instrument back at home and had to leave it alone? Come play with our wind orchestra! We play all kinds of music and at the moment are with around 40 people. We even arrange an instrument for you!

no address available

The Masters

The Masters is committed to creating a sense of belonging in an environment of mutual trust, respect and dignity. We sense that change is critical to the prosperity of all and generations to come.

UCM Universalis

UCMSA Universalis is the study association of University College Maastricht. We organize various activities ranging from parties and excursions to lectures and booksales. Like our page to support us and stay up to date with any news!

Maastricht University Green Office

The Green Office is Maastricht University’s student-driven sustainability department. It coordinates and initiates ecological, social, and economic sustainability projects at Maastricht University by empowering students and staff members. The Green Office also promotes sustainability as a topic of active concern among students, staff, and faculties, and advances the process of organizational transitition towards a greener campus.

Serve the City

Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers showing kindness in practical ways to people in need. We partner with homeless shelters, refugee centers, orphanages, and other associations, offering help and support. Serve the City creates events that mobilize many volunteers to serve in simple ways – sports, music, arts and crafts, meals, friendship and more. We are the connection between the good intentions and talents of people who could volunteer and a meaningful opportunity to get involved.

no address available

Cultural Freezone Collective

Simply put, we are an overlapping network of non-profit groups, self-organised volunteers, sustainable ideas and independent spaces in and around Maastricht with an interest in fostering and enabling explicitly non-commercial, localised, and self-sufficient cultural initiatives to manifest and grow.

no address available

SCOPE | Vectum

SCOPE | Vectum is the study association for all students of Econometrics and Operations Research at the Maastricht University. Throughout the year SCOPE | Vectum organizes a broad range of activities. The range of activities covers social events, such as drinks, sports events and a Members Weekend, as well as academic and career-related events. Examples of the latter would be regular research lectures, the Vectum Congress or the Vectum Business Trip. We also have our own magazine, the PerVectum, which is published quarterly.


A coming together of different groups of people from all over the world to celebrate, music, art, film, culture, people and weirdness all in one. The WE Festival was first organized in May 2010 by a student collective under the name of “Student Workforce for Sustainability and Development” with support from the local community and alternative cultural scene of Maastricht.


The Mandril Cultural and Political Centre is an open space for active participation in collective creative culture in Maastricht, the Netherlands. There are weekly events organized by many volunteers and there is the possibility for everyone to get involved. Some of the events that are already happening at the Mandril are jam sessions, theater and dance, yoga and massage, FreeSkool workshops, movies, presentations and discussion rounds.

no address available

Founders Club Maastricht

Founders Club is the go-to place in Maastricht for student entrepreneurs and for young people interested in entrepreneurship. We believe that Maastricht, centered in the Euregio with neighbouring cities such as Aachen, Eindhoven and Liege is a great place for entrepreneurship to happen. Meetings are organized every Thursday at 7 pm, feel free to step by to learn, be inspired and get in contact with likeminded people.

Jurist in Bedrijf

Jurist in Bedrijf bestaat sinds 1987 en heeft als kerntaak de Maastrichtse rechtenstudent te voorzien van perspectief binnen het recht en de toekomstige werkomgeving van een jurist.

Centrum voor Natuur- en Milieueducatie

Our goal is to connect people and nature in the Maastricht region. We involve citizens, companies and governments with nature in their environment which creates support for sustainability.

United Nations Student Association

The United Nations Student Association Maastricht is an academic, not-for-profit and inter-facular student association in the heart of Maastricht. We bring the UN spirit to Maastricht and its students by serving as the platform for internationally oriented students, by providing free workshops, panel debates, lectures, career days, development-aid projects in third-world countries, our own magazine “The Diplomat” and by organizing our own Model United Nations for students, EuroMUN.

Student and Society Initiative

The Student & Society Initiative is founded by students out of the motivation to bring the worlds of students and the local society closer together. This way, the student discovers what society has to offer, the relationship with inhabitants improves, and professional opportunities to have students contribute to the region both now and in the future are being developed.

no address available

Red Cross Student Desk Maastricht

The Red Cross Studentdesk Maastricht organizes all kind of small scale activities out of goodwill for the local community of Maastricht. Activities range from first aid classes to fund raising actions to organising a makeover day for handicapped people etc.


Books4Life is a charity, second-hand bookshop. We sell books at reduced prices that were donated to us by various people or organizations. The profit is donated to charity organizations (Amnesty International and Oxfam).


We are the Study Association for European Studies students at the Maastricht University. We do many things to make student life easier, less chaotic and more enjoyable. We offer a plethora of activities, ranging from study groups and guest lectures over trips to social events. We hope to welcome you to our network!


LaunchBase is an official programme established by the Limburg province, the Maastricht municipality and the Maastricht University that aims at helping business enthusiasts, talented developers, motivated designers and overall the highly skilled people of Maastricht to start their own business. We offer workshops, training, regular networking events, and coaching at our central location. Further, we help with finding investors and the overall development of your business, without taking any percentage of it. You can apply for new rounds of pre-incubation regularly, just visit our website.

International Jewish Student Association

International Jewish Student Association, part of the European Union of Jewish students, diverse community yet very close and united, we are always looking for new members

no address available


Vote for Your Voice, Vote for VOX! The student party unifying Arts & Culture and European Studies by representing the two study associations Orakel and Concordantia.

no address available


Amalied originated from the idea to make children believe in their own strength to increase their self-confidence.

no address available

UM Career Services

During your time at Maastricht University, you will be taking the next important step in your career. As a student, you can get career advice or follow a workshop to develop your competences. It doesn’t matter whether you are actively trying to find work, or still trying to figure out what you would like to do, UM Career Services is here to help.

Ragweek Maastricht

Ragweek Maastricht is a yearly initiative where money is collected for a good cause. The money is collected through a week full of activities. Every year two good causes are chosen: one regional and national or international. Through the activities which we organize together with others, we want to collect as much as possible so that we can support those who need help.


oikos is a student organisation at UM. We strive for raising awareness about the world of “sustainability”. More info: oikos-international.org/maastricht

Quiet community

– Short term voluntary position: Developing a digital office space. Questions that need to be answered: How can a non-for profit organisation like Quiet optimally use the google environment? Which google applications would serve best? How to optimally use google drive taking into consideration that it needs to be used by 3 different groups with different authorisations: 1) Two project managers, 2) Five boardmembers, 3) Four volunteers. In addition to the setup of this digital office space, the project managers and volunteers need to be informed on how to use it through a workshop.
– Short term voluntary position: Provide advice on how to best monitor the KPI’s, how to visualise the progress and how to best rapport on this progress.
– Long term voluntary position (1 year minimum): 1) communication and management of a digital platform, 2) member data entry 3) sponsor management: providing an up to date overview of which sponsor is offering what to the members, including dates and expiration dates if relevant (e.g. theater tickets can only be used on a specific date or specific dates); 4) Customer care: dealing with potential issues e.g. between members and sponsors.

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The INKOM is the official introduction week for all new students of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool. The week is filled with activities where all student, study, and sport associations will present themselves. Accompanied by senior students you will get to know Maastricht and how it is like to be a student there.

Young Peso

Young Peso is a community organization that concerns itself with the well-being of youths and kids. They organize different events and meetups, like skate competitions and music performances.

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SCOREN is de sociale tak van de MUSST, de overkoepelende organisatie boven de Studenten Sportverenigingen (SSV’en) van Maastricht. www.scoren.nu

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Amnesty International Maastricht Students (AIMS) is a group of committed students who all want to emphasize the importance of Human Rights in our world. Since its founding, AIMS organizes plenty of actions and activities in Maastricht to create awareness on Human Rights issues; such as movie screenings, lectures, debates, fundraising events, social events, petition signing and letter writing marathons and information markets on various topics. AIMS has an international blend of members with different backgrounds. We always welcome new members who would like to contribute to AIMS.


Are you new in a city, do you like to meet new people through fun activities or do you just have a spontaneous free moment to do a fun activity with friends or people you don’t know? Activitree is your solution! Activitree is an app that shows all kinds of fun activities that other students have organised around you for that same day and enables you to create fun activities yourself. You will be the King or Queen of your own day. Fun social activities: whenever, wherever, whatever you want. Meeting other students has never been so easy! Sign up on the Activitree facebook or on activitree.io

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UniPartners Maastricht

UniPartners Maastricht is an academic consultancy to find topconsultants of tomorrow today.


SCOPE | 3MA is a study association for students of the School of Business and Economics (SBE) of Maastricht University representing the tracks of Management/Organization, Marketing, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Information Management and Supply Chain Management. One of our main goals is to bridge the gap between students and their future employers. SCOPE | 3MA brings theory into practice and stimulates students to develop themselves by organizing several professional activities.

Mosea Zorggroep

Through Match students undertake social activitites with the elderly at elderly homes from Mosea Zorggroep.

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Dionyx, the organisation for open-minded, LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual & others) youth and students in Maastricht & Limburg. We organise events to bring open-minded students together and to make the LGBT topic more open to society. Join Dionyx or become a volunteer!

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