Cycling is part of the way of life in Maastricht.The Netherlands is ideal for cyclists because it is so flat and because there are excellent cycle lanes. Having a bike in Maastricht will make your life much easier as you will be able to access almost anywhere in the city with a short bike ride.


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You can visit one of the many bike shops to buy a new or second hand bicycle. it is also quite easy to pick up a second hand bike through Facebook. Buy/Sell a bike in Maastricht is a good place to start, but you will find a number of similar pages with a quick search. Since you’re dealing with second hand bikes from a person you don’t know, you’re buying the bike in good faith and it could be stolen. Ask the seller to write and sign a document stating he is the rightful owner of the bike, the serial number of the bike, the date, location and price you bought the bike for. This way you cover yourself for any legal liability in the event you bought a stolen bike in good faith. Other options are Marktplaats or Zuydfiets. Often you can also sell your bike here as well. Always go and see the bike before you decide to buy it. That way you can check if the bike is in good shape and you can write down the seller’s contact details just in case something goes wrong.

If you’re on a limited budget but are willing to do a little work in exchange for a bike, try the Fietsbank Maastricht. This is a foundation by volunteers who dedicate themselves to making bikes and bike repairs available for people on a limited income. You can also donate bikes and spare parts.


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Your bike might need repairs from time to time. If you’re not willing or able to perform repairs on your bike yourself you can go to a bike shop or try the Fietsbank Maastricht. Posting on Sharing is Caring might be worth the effort as well. The Landbouwbelang also has an initiative: De Krakende Fiets which is aimed at helping students repair bikes at a low cost.

road safety

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The Dutch government has set up rules for all users of the road (including bikes) to ensure everybody’s safety. You can find a complete overview of the rules here (in dutch), and make sure to follow these general guidelines:

  • Always give way to traffic coming from your right hand side if there are no traffic lights or shark’s teeth
  • Always make sure you have working lights
  • Cycling is prohibited in pedestrianized streets (the inner city) from 09.00 until 18.30 (Thursdays until 21.00)
  • Always park your bike in a bicycle rack
  • Always make sure that your bike’s tires have enough air in them

Failing to comply to these rules might result in a fine, or your bike being relocated by the municipality. Read more information on the website of the Royal Dutch tourist union (ANWB) or

The International Student Network, or ISN, offers bike workshops twice a year. To find out when and where the workshops take place follow ISN Maastricht on Facebook or check out their website.

storage and security

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The inner city of Maastricht is a no-parking zone. If you park your bike outside of the provided bicycle racks, your bike might be taken away by the municipality. Therefore, make sure to leave your bike at a public bicycle rack or one of the free secure bike parking facilities. This also prevents your bike from being stolen. has a clear overview of all the bike parking facilities in Maastricht.

Bike theft is common in Maastricht, so make sure that you buy a good lock. When possible, try to double lock your bike (preferably to the rack itself). Check out this list with 32 of the best chain locks and their prices. In the unfortunate case that your bike got stolen or removed, visit our page to see what you can do to get it back.

Missing bikes

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In the unfortunate case your bike is gone, two things might have happened: either the municipality has taken your bike or your bike has been stolen.

If your bike is gone first find out if the municipality has picked it up. You can do so by using the search function on lostandfound or by visiting the bike storage depot of Maastricht Mondays between 09.00 and 17.00 or Thursdays between 09.00 and 12.30. The depot is located at Gerardusweg 39. Try to bring as much proof as possible that you own the bike. This can be bike keys, a receipt or sales agreement, or photos of your bike.

If the municipality has not picked up your bike or the circumstances are suspicious, always file a report at the police station or online. Try to gather as much proof as possible that you own the bike. Unfortunately the rate of stolen bikes returned to their truthful owners is quite low at the moment.

In case you witnessed a bike theft you can file a report with the police online. This page provides more info about bike theft. You can also check this Facebook group for more information and discussions about bike theft in and around Maastricht.

Bike Rental

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It is easy to rent a bike in Maastricht. If you want to rent a bike long term, you can follow the instructions on the NS website which shows how you can order a special OV bicycle pass. However, our recommendation is that for long term use, it is better to buy a cheap second-hand bike than to rent on a regular basis.

On the other hand, renting can be useful in the short term or for a one-time-only basis. The station offers various types of bike for rental. Call 043-3211100 to reserve your bike rental from the station. You also need some kind of legitimate identification such as a passport or a driver’s license. You will have to pay a safety deposit between €50 (for a basic bicycle) and €150 (for an electric bike). Costs then vary between €7.50 per day to €15 per day, including insurance.

You can also rent out mountain bikes from Courtens bike shop in Maastricht. This can be a good way of exploring the Dutch and Belgian countryside around Maastricht. Rent is € 8.50 per day which is somewhat cheaper than the mountain bikes that the station offers.


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