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You’ve made the decision to come to Maastricht! That’s great, now you just need to find somewhere to live. You biggest question will probably be “Where do I start searching for my future room and what options do I have?“

Our Room Search section can help you answer this. There are many different places to start your search. The options include Student-Housing, Housing Corporations, Agencies, Antikraak, and Social Media.

We should tell you that the student housing market in Maastricht gets busier and busier every year. It is much easier to find a room in May-June (and even July, though be cautious of starting your search then) compared to in August and September. If you are looking later then be prepared to sub rent or stay in a hostel for a few weeks.

There is a crossover period from the beginning of the introductory week INKOM (the second to last week of August) until halfway through September. This is when the old students haven’t left yet but all the new students have arrived. The housing market is very busy at this time, and it can be almost impossible for a new student to find a place to live. We recommend looking for a room earlier, or booking a room in a hostel until rooms become available later on in September. You can also check on the Facebook page Sharing is Caring to look for couchsurfing opportunities. Don’t worry- everyone finds a room eventually.

However, hopefully you will receive your offer before this busy time and be able to find a room easily! In this situation, there are other things you should consider when choosing a room.

First, location. Look at where your faculty is. If you are studying at FHML, then it will be a 20-30 minute uphill cycle home if you decide to live in the Emmaplein area- not impossible, and you’ll get strong thighs, but not too much fun in the rain. Most students studying at this faculty chose to live in the city centre, or the Scharnerweg area.

However, if you’re at SBE or FASOS, then Emmaplein and other inner city areas are only a 5-10 bike ride from your faculty! Perfect for if you forget to bring your laptop charger with you. However, living closer to the centre means higher prices and fewer recycling stations.

Look at how far away your place is from the city centre. Check the cycling time on google maps, as this is the most accurate measure of how far away you are, even if it looks a long distance to walk. Maastricht is a small city- a 20 minute cycle is often the longest time you’ll have to cycle to get to most of the important places.

To find the best places in Maastricht, take a look at our interactive map!

How can I be sure that the place is of good quality, safe and worth its price?”

A good guide of this is the Keurmark. This is a certificate for quality and safety backed by the Gemeente and other partner organisations. There is more information about this on the next page.

Don’t worry if you can’t be physically present in Maastricht for a viewing. There are options for you which are explained over the next few pages, including agencies and student housing co-operations.

All your questions should answered on the next few pages. However, if you have any more problems, please get in touch with us via facebook, twitter or instagram. If you have very specific questions about your contract, ask the Housing Helpdesk

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