registering your address

This is a guide for students who need help registering their address in Maastricht. It is a legal requirement to register your initial address with the municipality if you are planning on staying in Maastricht for more than 4 months. Students who are not staying for longer than four months do not have to register (such as exchange students).

With new COVID-19 regulations, registering with the municipality can be done online. It’s free, super easy and really essential, as registering is what gives you your Burgerservicenummer (BSN), which may be necessary for administrative matters like opening a bank account or applying for subsidies.

Do you need a BSN, but don’t live in the Netherlands? Then you’ll have to call the municipality of Heerlen at +31 (0) 45 560 50 40 (also from abroad). They’ll give you an appointment and you will actually have to go there in person to pick up the document with your BSN.

Note that the process may require you to submit certain documents, and that if these are not written in Dutch, English, German or French, then you have to get them translated. You don’t have to legalize the translation if the translator is sworn in the Netherlands, but in all other cases, you must re-legalize the original document in the Netherlands.

Further, if you are moving to another address (within Maastricht) during your stay, you are obliged to register your current address with the municipality (of Maastricht). Again, this can all be done online – check out our guidance document below for a clear breakdown of the process! Are you a non-EU student? When you pick up your residence permit at the visa office, you will be registered by the municipality.

Also bear in mind that if you’re living within the Netherlands, but not in Maastricht, you still have to register your address at whichever municipality you live in.

Lastly, don’t forget to deregister from the municipality once you leave Maastricht! You can do so online. You must deregister if you are going to live abroad for longer than 8 months within one year, even if this is not for a continuous period. Deregistering is important! If you don’t, there could be problems for your roommates or the person that moves into your room when you leave.

Scroll down for a step-by-step guidance document to help you with the process!

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