Who we are

Let us introduce who we are! We are your mymaastricht team, and we’re here to help you get settled in the city. The current 2019/2020 team consists of


Thomas Schäfer is a project and team leader for Maastricht University’s StudentenStad (Student & City) initiative, and has been helping students in Maastricht since 2014. Whilst we all decide on the direction we would like mymaastricht to go, he is the one keeping us on track. It’s up to him to talk to the stakeholders and organise the rest of the team. Outside of work, Thomas is delightfully German, a very good climber and a keen cyclist (with a very snazzy bike). He has even sometimes decided to hold team meetings on a bike ride through the woods!

Here is a photo of Thomas smiling the hell out of life:

Content Editor

Grace Marshall is originally from London, in the United Kingdom. She escaped after Brexit and moved to Maastricht to do her Bachelors in Biomedical Science. Grace has worked for mymaastricht.nl as the content editor since August 2018. Her job is to find information that is useful to students and write it in English simple enough for everyone to understand. She also helps maintain the website and is the one presenting at open days and introductions. Outside of work, Grace constantly bakes cookies and injures herself on the Maastricht climbing wall.

Here is a photo of Grace wearing sunglasses so big you can’t actually see her face:

Social Media Manager

Amanda Kane moved to Maastricht from Ireland in 2017 to study Data Science and Knowledge Engineering! Her colleagues still aren’t quite sure what this study is, but it looks very complicated, so we know she is super clever. As the social media manager, Amanda is responsible for all of the pretty photos on our instagram, and all of the strategising behind what we post and when. She is also the person you are contacting when you message us over facebook or whatsapp! Outside of mymaastricht, she can be found happily relaxing amongst the flowers, taking stunning photos, or still in the ICL working on a group project at 11pm.

As we said, here is a stunning photo of Amanda!

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