Who we are

Let us introduce who we are! We are your mymaastricht team, and we’re here to help you get settled in the city. The current team consists of:


Thomas is a project and team leader for Maastricht University’s StudentenStad (Student & City) initiative, and has been helping students in Maastricht since 2014. Whilst we all decide on the direction we would like mymaastricht to go, he is the one keeping us on track. It’s up to him to talk to the stakeholders and organise the rest of the team. Outside of work, Thomas is delightfully German, a very good climber and a keen cyclist (with a very snazzy bike). He has even sometimes decided to hold team meetings on a bike ride through the woods!


Amanda Kane moved to Maastricht from Ireland in 2017 to study Data Science and Knowledge Engineering! Her colleagues still aren’t quite sure what this study is, but it looks very complicated, so we know she is super clever. As the social media manager, Amanda is responsible for all of the pretty photos on our Instagram, and all of the strategising behind what we post and when. She is also the person you are contacting when you message us over Facebook or WhatsApp! Outside of mymaastricht, she can be found happily relaxing amongst the flowers, taking stunning photos, or still in the ICL working on a group project at 11pm.


Kees is the developer of mymaastricht. His job is to make sure the site keeps up and running and deliver the best user experience for you. Kees has been involved in this project since late 2014 and has evolved the platform to how it looks like right now. Next to seeing coding as a fun hobby, Kees also utilizes his hands on the keyboard in a musical way. In his spare time, he likes to smash a good ball on a tennis field if it doesn’t go over the fence or against the net.



Isabel Camps is a Dutch graphic designer based in Maastricht with a passion for graphic design and illustration. Sheis responsible for the visual aspect for My Maastricht, making sure that everything fits beautifully within the corporate identity, and creating everything from logos to birthday cards. Her work is gorgeously colourful, fun and playful and represents a kind of “open minded-ness”. In her spare time she loves to decorate her own life whether its interior, fashion or photography. She can’t get enough of plants, cats and cheese. To see more of her work you can see her website https://www.isabelcamps.nl


Fran is the content coordinator of mymaastricht. She is ultra cool, with her snazzy dress sense and her cosmopolitan life taking her from Argentina, to Dubai, and now to Maastricht. You’re sure to see her at all of the upcoming events, answering any question you may have. Outside of mymaastricht, Fran can be found studying her law books or relaxing in the sunshine.


María is our new Promotion Coordinator and also a Law student at Maastricht University! Her curious and insightful ideas will be shaping all of Mymaastricht social media. She loves exploring new places and, when a little homesick, cooking some Spanish recipes!
You can always count on her when trying to settle down in Maastricht and cope with new beginnings, since she is also behind our DMs and WhatsApp.
Lastly, if you are a TikTok user, stay tuned for her future steps!
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