Who we are

Let us introduce who we are! We are your mymaastricht team, and we’re here to help you get settled in the city. The current team consists of:


Hi, I’m Aisling! (pronounced Ashling) I came from Ireland to Maastricht to do my Master’s in Media Studies: Digital Cultures. I realised during this time that I am passionate about effective and clear communication. I now work as the project coordinator of mymaastricht. I promote the project in and outside of the University and work to maintain the visibility and legitimacy of the project. On a Sunday evening, you will find me cooking a nice meal for myself, usually something Italian, because I’m obsessed with pasta. I will admit that I also enjoy watching trashy reality T.V, like The Kardashians and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


I’m Ronja, the content coordinator of mymaastricht.nl. I originally come from Finland but have spent a good deal of my life living all over the world. As the content coordinator, I write content for the website and answer all your questions about life in Maastricht. You might also see me at some of our events.

Besides working at mymaastricht, I study medicine and international business and work as a group fitness instructor at UM Sports. My free time is spent doing a lot of sports, from lacrosse to running and travelling at every chance I get. You can most likely find me at UM Sports or chilling at one of the cosy cafés of Maastricht.


Hi! I’m Maria, and I’m one of the social media coordinators for mymaastricht, meaning that I am the one creating some of the stories, reels, and posts, as well as answering DMs and comments (I give presentations too)! I am a Romanian UCM student focusing on psychology and AI, but I have quite some experience with content creation and social media marketing.
I am a nature lover, so I go hiking and camping a lot, but I also like reading classics, working out and obsessing over one series for years.


I’m Miruna, a third-year Data Science and Artificial Intelligence student at Maastricht University. When I first moved to Maastricht from Romania, I instantly fell in love with the city; however, I did experience some anxiety being in a new place, fully on my own, for the first time in my life. This is why I joined mymaastricht – to help you experience life in Maastricht without the stress of not knowing what your next step is. That and, of course, my forever passion for social media. I coordinate social media for our organisation, focusing mostly on the back-end aspects (showcasing the nerd in me a bit). Outside of work, you’ll probably find me taking or editing pictures, spending time with my friends or broadening my knowledge of Netflix Reality TV (everyone has a guilty pleasure; you’ve just discovered mine).


Kees is the developer of mymaastricht. His job is to ensure the site keeps up and running and that we are delivering the best user experience for you. Kees has been involved in this project since late 2014 and has evolved the platform into how it looks right now. Next to seeing coding as a fun hobby, Kees also utilizes his hands on the keyboard in a musical way. In his spare time, he likes to smash a good ball on a tennis field if it doesn’t go over the fence or against the net.



Isabel Camps is a Dutch graphic designer based in Maastricht with a passion for graphic design and illustration. She is responsible for the visual aspect of mymaastricht, making sure that everything fits beautifully within the corporate identity and creating everything from logos to birthday cards. Her work is gorgeously colourful, fun and playful and represents a kind of “open-mindedness”. In her spare time, she loves decorating her own life, whether interior, fashion or photography. She can’t get enough of plants, cats and cheese. To see more of her work, you can see her website https://www.isabelcamps.nl

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