The branding of is important as we want to be as recognisable as possible. We are also very proud of the beautiful logo. Just as a compass can show you the way forwards, we are here to guide you around life in Maastricht!

Our brand guide can be found here, with all the information you need to collaborate with us. It also explains a little more about the colour choices behind our logo. For example, did you know that the orange and blue of the community and housing points are the same colours as the UM logo? Or that the red of the map is the same red as for ZUYD? In this way we show off our partnerships and collaborations!

See our full house style branding guide here: Mymaastricht branding guide

You can also find all of our lovely logos here:


If you are planning on using our logo, please get in contact with us first. All of our information can be found on the contact page.

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