Our Mission

Moving to a foreign city should be a pleasurable and exciting experience. Unfortunately obstacles like not knowing the language of the country or not knowing where to look for answers to basic questions can be quite frustrating and stand in the way of you making this city a place you can call home.

Small things such as knowing how to go about recycling or understanding public transport are taken for granted in the places we grew up but are dealt with somewhat differently in the Netherlands. Our aim is to take this uncertainty from you and replace it with a profound basis of information.

By providing information that helps you sort out the small things in life we strive towards making Maastricht more than just a city you came to for University but a city that you’d like to call home for as long as you decide to stay.

You’ll soon realize that after having understood how these trivial things work in Maastricht you’ll inevitably have more free time to invest in things that are actually fun. The second segment of this project covers these fun aspects of community life by informing you about events and activities that are worth checking out in Maastricht.

…So let us take you by the hand and help you in your first few steps towards making the city of Maastricht yours!

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