5 Reasons to Stay in a Relationship with... Loneliness

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5 Reasons to Stay in a Relationship with... Loneliness

Right, left, right, left, right,

That’s the spirit of Saturday night.

Swipey-swipe, uuuuh, a match!

Pretty sure this is my catch!


Your fingers are tirelessly working out. Your heart rate increases. Your pupils dilate. Butterflies anxiously fly in your stomach. Your mind is overwhelmed; choosing an outfit for a potential date plus choosing a partner for the potential date plus imagining all the possible scenarios of the potential date. There is a sparkle in your eyes (or is it just the reflection of your smartphone?).  Some people call it relaxing, but that’s a hoax! This is hard work, this is chasing your dreams, an adventure, a demanding journey towards your goal. Swipe right, answer the message, use your super-like strategically. All or nothing. Closer and closer to the “ding-dong” sound and getting that magical message: “Netflix and chill?”.

Somebody knocks at your door.

“Oh nooo. It’s here again, I feel it in my bones. My old loyal partner.”

You don’t even bother to stand up and open the door. It will come anyways. It has your keys even though you’ve changed the lock. It will always find you. Anywhere and everywhere. There’s no way to escape. Well, at least you won’t be completely alone.

“My dear Loneliness, so here you are again. I was hoping you wouldn’t come tonight.”

“Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m happy to see you. You look better today, did you shower?”

This is how it goes. Loneliness doesn’t match the expectations of your perfect partner at all, but for some reason you still appreciate its shoulder to cry on. Loneliness is indeed a very understanding and respectful partner. 

Here are 5 reasons to stay in a relationship with your Loneliness.

  1. Loneliness loves your true self.

I really doubt you’ll ever find a more appreciating partner, one who loves your deepest self, just the way God made you. Loneliness says “No!” to an itchy face full of make-up, suffering in tight jeans, sucking your belly in, and freezing in a sexy top. It loves you the most in your puppy-print pyjama, wrapped in your fluffy blanket. Warm and cozy, with a cup of hot chocolate…


  1. Loneliness really does not judge you (only a little, when you’re eating a third box of ice-cream for the third day in a row)

There is no shyness in the relationship with your Loneliness. You can do the weirdest things, things that only Loneliness can handle and no one else can see. You can pick your nose, practice licking your toes or eat three sandwiches with Nutella and cheese. You can dance like crazy, try a headstand; Loneliness will always give you an applause. 


  1. Loneliness is easy-going.

Loneliness is always on the same page as you. You never ever have to fight about what to eat, what movie to watch. Loneliness is simply always up for whatever you want to do and always excited for your ideas. Additionally, it always visits you where  you’re warm and comfortable, no need to bike somewhere out in the cold and suffer a sleepless night out. 


  1. Loneliness is naïve.

Even though Loneliness truly loves you for who you are, another trick is that you can be whoever you want and wherever you want.  Do you feel like painting? Be an artist! Do you feel like working out? Be a supermodel! Do you feel like wellness and spa? A beauty salon? You can be a superstar, or you can just fuse with your bed and become one. Loneliness is the best partner for all role-plays and all your fantasies.


  1. Loneliness is not jealous and agrees with an open relationship.

Loneliness is totally up for triple dates! You can have a triple date with your dog, you can go on a date with your town, walk around and enjoy the atmosphere, you can take your loneliness out to a café, a restaurant, a cinema, the theatre, or for a walk… It won’t get mad if it doesn’t get your full attention, it will happily share your presence.


Not convinced? Still determined to end this hurtful relationship and start a new life full of love? Well, in that case it’s really time to change your partner!

Take a hot bath. Wash the day away. Cook yourself a nice meal. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Put on your favorite music. 

Let the loneliness go.

Start dating your solitude.



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