Closet Cleanout for a Cause

By Miruna on Monday 20 May 2024 at 19:13
Closet Cleanout for a Cause

We all know the struggle of having our wardrobes cluttered by the clothes we never really wear anymore. If this is something you’ve encountered in Maastricht and you’re looking for options for how to get rid of these clothes without them going to waste, look no further! In Maastricht, there’s a lot of opportunities to contribute to changing someone’s life for the better, while also supporting sustainability – donations! 

First off, we have the very popular Kringloop Zuid, located at Watermolen 52. This thrift shop allows you to drop off items in good condition, which are then either sold at affordable prices or donated to those in need. It’s a win-win, really — you get a cleaner space, and someone else gets to give your old favourites a new life. Another second hand store, Secondhand4All, on Bredestraat 33, also takes donations. These must have at least five pieces from your closet—think clean, ironed, and trendy from top labels. You can book an appointment for their summer or winter intake, and snag 40% of the sale price.

If you’re looking to explore beyond the usual, there are some lesser-known but equally awesome organisations around town that deserve to be talked about more! One example is the Salvation Army. With donation centres strategically placed throughout the city, including partner stores like My Jewellery and WE Fashion, they make it easy to drop off your used clothing. They handle a massive 26 million kg of donated threads each year, turning your closet cleanouts into real jobs for folks who need them most. ReShare is on another level with their eco-game. They cruise around in hybrid vehicles and use some seriously cool sorting tech to make sure every piece of fabric gets a second life. Your benefits go further than just feeling good about making a wholesome gesture – you’ll receive a 10% discount voucher at My Jewellery for every donated bag of used clothing and shoes if you choose this as your drop-off point.

Do you have some formal clothes you’d like to give away? On Voltastraat 38, we’ve found another gem. Dress for Success Maastricht is on a mission to empower women by helping them make a stunning first impression in their job interviews. Imagine the boost of confidence a professional outfit can give someone at an important interview! They’re specifically looking for modern, professional apparel that’s no more than 5 years old, freshly dry-cleaned or laundered, and ironed, ready to wear. By donating your stylish business attire, you have the chance to potentially be someone’s ticket to a fresh start in the professional world!

Next, positioned on Dorpstraat 18a, Terre des Hommes is open most days and focuses on improving the lives of vulnerable children worldwide. This way, your contributions can extend beyond local boundaries. By donating here, you’re supporting educational and emergency aid projects. In 2022 alone, Terre des Hommes reached over 177,777 children with educational and emergency aid, thanks to generous donations and the tireless efforts of volunteers.

For those looking for a quick drop-off, Maastricht has several container locations managed by Stichting Aktie 68, found all around the city. These containers are part of a secured network to ensure that the donations reach the intended organisations and not intercepted by unauthorised individuals.

Besides all these, there’s also an option that combines change with comfort. Several times a year, charities organise door-to-door collections where you can leave bags of used clothing and shoes. Look out for a plastic bag in your letterbox, which will indicate the date of the collection, making it convenient to participate without having to travel.

Of course, if you have items which are not in great condition anymore, most donation centres will have no use for them. Still, you can always dispose of them at recycling centres, which ensure that the materials will be repurposed, reducing the overall waste sent to landfills. You can check all points in town on the Milieu App!


Let’s make sustainability a part of our student lifestyle! Do you know any other spots around town that we missed? DM us on Instagram 🙂


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