Cycling in the city centres

By on Wednesday 9 September 2020 at 07:58
Cycling in the city centres

Students beware- the police are now going to start actively fining anyone cycling through the “pedestrianised” streets. These are the streets in the city centre, like the main Grote Straat to the Vrijtof, as well as all the little alleyways with their fancy french boutiques. Check out the map below to see exactly where we mean.

Students of Maastricht beware, cycle here and it will cost you €64

These restrictions apply from 09:00-18:30 on most days, and 09:00-21:00 on Thursdays.

Whilst this has always been against the rules, it was rare that you would actually get a fine. However, this is changing in a few weeks. From the middle of June, if you’re caught cycling by a policeman in this area, it is an instant € 64 fine. Also know that cycling on your phone, or without lights can get you a fine. Manage to do all three at once and you’re looking at over €200.

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